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Denso fined $2.2 million in Canada for violation of competition law


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In Japan they have this term for MSRP which is 'Open Price' but frankly I find it the term such an oxymoron when that is the price that everyone appears to sell the item at in certain item categories such as automotive parts. Price fixing in Japan? I am SHOCKED!!!

MSRP (manufacturer's suggested retail price)
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Price fixing is the way of life in Japan.

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Residents of Japan pay a HUGE price for the rampant price fixing in this country, its also why so many companies in Japan are very weak financially.

The world has long caught up & Japan has no where to hide & less markets to fleece, this and many other things will continue to put pressure on Japan Inc!

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Denso parts are very expensive. Somehow I understand denso.

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pardon my ignorance but how does price fixing result in weak finances for a company? in a vacuum (barring the fines that are incurred due to the practice) wouldn't it result in bigger profit margins?

Its because there is VERY little competition in Japan, so companies are bloated, inefficient etc etc etc, without price fixing many would be in dire straights financially, the govt here often ALLOWS companies to NOT compete on price on the false assumption its good for overall society.

End result Japan has for decades about 70% of the companies here MAKE no $$$, pay NO taxes.

If they had to seriously compete on price.................a lot would go under AS THEY SHOULD have so other companies can get STRONGER, but alas the govt lets them fix the game, end result a bunch of financially weak companies.

Of not all are but a lot definitely are

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