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Dentist arrested on suspicion of attempted murder at hospital


Police in Osaki, Miyagi Prefecture, have arrested a 35-year-old dentist on suspicion of attempted murder and assault after he strangled a female dental hygienist in her 40s at the hospital where they both work.

According to police, Shinya Hachiya, a dentist at Osaki Municipal Hospital, is accused of strangling his assistant on April 15, TV Asahi reported. Another female dental hygienist, who is in her 30s, tried to stop Hachiya, and he yanked her by the hair and pushed her away.

Other employees intervened to restrain Hachiya. The two women suffered injuries to their necks, police said.

Police said Hachiya has partially denied the allegation. He was quoted as saying "I pressed my hands against the woman’s neck but I didn’t use that much force.”

Police said they are questioning Hachiya and the two dental hygienists about what started the trouble.

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Police said they are questi0ning Hachiya and the two dental hygienists about what started the trouble.

It might because not hygiene enough for him?

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It was more like a squeeze than a strangle…

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But of course. The tried and true, "I did not intend to kill her." claim.

Really? Choke hold on one while fighting off another and having to be finally subdued by others indicates extrem, out of control anger, meaning he had no idea what his intentions were at the time. Not an excuse by any means. Definitely would not want this psycho working around my mouth with sharp instruments and drills

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Being a dentist is a tough job.

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