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Dentist stabbed by masked man outside clinic in Tokyo


A 58-year-old dentist was stabbed by a masked man as she left her dental clinic on Tokyo’s Adachi Ward on Tuesday night.

According to police, the incident occurred at around 9:30 p.m. Fuji TV reported that the woman had just closed the clinic and was about to head for home when a masked man suddenly came up behind her and tried to stab her with a knife. In the struggle, the woman received a cut to her left hand, before the man fled.

The woman called 110 to report the attack. She told police the assailant, who was dressed all in black, said nothing during the attack.

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Maybe she is being pressured to pay protection... maybe. This could be a way of upping the pressure.

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Disgruntled customer most likely.

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Disgruntled customers would take it up to the court, to incur both financial and reputation damage.

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Didn't say anything lest she recognised his teeth!

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I am sick to the teeth of reading stories like this.

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Readers, no stupid puns please. This is a serious story.

I'm a little worried that the dentist would get clumsy when performing her dental work for a while from fear of being attacked again. Hope she gets back to her normal ASAP.

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I hear malpractice in Japan can be rampant! Sure, more dentists than convenience stores may do it. Word has it that to fulfill the supply and demand deficit some only fix the teeth to seventy-percent. Only way to guarantee the patient returns to fill the thirty-percent. Business is business. This news, though, is regrettable and sad to say the least.

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Probably got stuck with a huge bill, like WE do, when we go to the Dentist in North America.

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It was probably a spurned admirer of hers.

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