Digital dilemma: How will U.S. respond to Sony hack?


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Releasing the movie would be both proportional and easy. I could do it if Sony would send the movie to me.

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With President Obama, he will continue serve lip services but nothing will happen. He already tones down about Sony's hacking as Cybervandalism and not acts of war. Obama has criticized Sony for canceling "The Interview" opening show at Theater.

Yesterday 2 NYPD Officers were shot and murdered by assassination style. How will he protect moviegoers who go to see "The Interview" at Theaters from attacking by N. Korean agents even Police Officers couldn’t protect themselves from killer?

I’m really sorry for those two Police Officers and my thoughts are with their family. Obama is naive and acting like easy talking celebrity rather than President of United State. N. Korean has very long history of criminal activity in foreign soil. Sony was right about canceling “The Interview” show. If something has happened at movie theaters and then Sony and the Theater owners will be faced with huge law suit and it will cost them billions of dollars compensation pay out to victims. President Obama needs to think twice before he makes comment. Obama needs to remember about he is President and not Kim Kadashian.

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I have a better question: How will the Japanese company known as "Sony" prevent their subsidiaries from getting hacked again? This should be less about the U.S. response and more about the corporate response. Corporations should stop relying on the government to cover their a$$e$. The U.S. isn't a totalitarian regime like... oh... North Korea after all.

The film-makers erred from the very beginning when they decided to make a film about assassinating a sitting leader of a real country. Up until now, Hollywood has created fake countries and fake leaders who resembled the real thing whenever they wanted to kill them off. Sony and the film makers were apparently smoking BIG spliffs when they decided to target a live leader.

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By shutting down their Internet for good ... Maybe!!!

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