Director at National Cancer Center Chuo Hospital arrested over bribes


Police in Tokyo have arrested the director of radiation technology at the National Cancer Center Chuo Hospital for allegedly receiving bribes from a vendor of medical care systems.

Police said Tomohiko Aso, 56, is accused of receiving bribes from Yukio Okabe, 65, the president of Medical Create Co Ltd, Kyodo News reported. Okabe has also been arrested, police said.

According to the warrant, Aso accepted 970,000 yen worth of tablet computers and other items from Okabe last March in exchange for procuring medical equipment.  

Police said Aso instructed his subordinates to install Medical Create’s equipment while preparing a specification list for medical equipment to be utilized at the National Cancer Center. During an investigation, Aso was found to have sold some of the tablet computers and other gifts.

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During an investigation, Aso was found to have sold some of the tablet computers and other gifts.

So he interested to get cash not really table computer. Unfortunately company that bribes him just didn't give hard cash.

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Cash Only Please!

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Not surprising, government money, incentives given to purchase, typical day of business.

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During an investigation, Aso was found to have sold some of the tablet computers and other gifts.

Sometimes it is understandable why people in charge of spending public money fall prey of bribes, for example when they have to run badly prepared places coupled with huge requirements for the work to be done, a bad actor offering a bribe in equipment that will make the people struggle less to met the deadlines is obviously still wrong but very tempting for someone that is looking to lower the burden for his personnel.

This case is of course completely different, and that Aso personally profited from the "gifts" speaks a lot about the motives he had to accept them.

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Working in the same industry, I’m not at all surprised! ‘Gifts’ are par for the course to reinforce that ongoing relationship.

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The business culture of gift giving in Japan is way too ingrained to stop imo. Doesn’t matter what kind of business it is, it’s done as matter of fact.

shining a spotlight on it recently shows it as a problem but there’s been no discussion to stop it. It’s partly why low salary managers and presidents of companies compared to the west are a weird fake point of praise they try to give. Sure the CEO isn’t making Google money, but they probably got watches, phones, etc for free and massive discounts or treated to other things as well.

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First rule of bribery. Always use cash.

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Tip of the iceberg stuff once again..

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sounds like business as usual..... and not just in Japan by any means.

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I hate to say it, but this is the NORM, NOTHING gets done here without paying someone or giving a gift, it is entrenched so deep that people think nothing of it.

Doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, are all connected with drug and medical equipment makers and suppliers to sell their products.

Doctors get visited by drug makers on weekly bases pushing them to subscribe their products in return for gifts, cash, %% of the sales, or even free vacations and gulf club membership. Everyone knows it and it is the NORM.

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