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DNA tests confirm dead man was fugitive wanted for decades


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It would be elementary to assume that the trajectory of Kirishima's youth as a radical activist must have been, apart from the background of his personal circumstances, blowback from America's war in Indo-China that left 3+million dead in its wake and his country's complicity in those war crimes.

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The guy did it his way, went out on his own crown and didn't frown about it. As a matter of fact he smiled and was never caught. The question is how did this guy hide in Japan after all these years on the run? Was there help?

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He surrendered the info and was not captured. Not a plus mark for the cops.

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No mention of expression of remorse or apologizing for his crimes. He got away with murder. Lived the typical salary-man life incognito. Got to rub the cops' noses in it just before he checked out. The villain won in this story.

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On the run for most of his life. Sounds like hell.

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I always thought the picture of him smiling was a woman.

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I’m sure he led a full and interesting life and the fact that he was never caught is something. The guy should have wrote a memoir but I’m sure his story will still be turned into some kind of film or miniseries.

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Looks like he had the last laugh really, always found it odd that he had this smiling pic on the wanted lists compared to the stern looks of the others.

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