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Domestic violence cases in Japan reach new all-time high in 2019


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It's just happens that more are reported. This happened in my country and else where, too.

The only downside is that since more are reported and acted upon,. everybody thinks society is more dangerous and unsafe.

A similar story for many crimes, including rape. They are just becoming less socially acceptable (about time).

Folks, the sky is not falling on our heads.

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 There were also 3 cases of murder and 110 cases of attempted murder, 

Only three cars of murder? That doesn’t make sense! Spousal murders are in the news nearly every day. Murdering your spouse regardless of the circumstances is domestic violence, but obviously not in Japan.

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Japan, and a few other modern nations, need a reimagining of what contemporary marriage is. It is still a very important institution and good marriages are happening today. Men though need to understand that they aren't marrying the Boomer women who raised them. Women need to understand that lifetime employment is going the way of the VCR and that Japanese men have become emasculated.

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when I talked to elderly about their wives , they call them ONI (Japanese devil)

I think there is a change of direction regarding DV with the time. man to woman then woman to man

my 2ct.

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DV was underreported for sure.

But there is another problem now.

When it comes to divorce and child custody cases, just going to discuss DV with police is increasing at the suggestion of lawyers.

It’s enough in some cases to have restraining orders extended and counts in custody cases.

It’s unfortunate that many people put up with real abuse when they should get out - but then there are others abusing the system.

Japan has gone from police telling women the fact that their husband beat them up is a “family issue” to women filing DV complaints over anything in order to win in court.

There are men who can’t see their kids because the wife claimed her husband “didn’t let her work” and that counts as DV.

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Domestic violence is probably actually happening less often than before ... because in years past, it was probably rarely if ever reported.

In fact, it may not have even been seen as a crime in past years -- or even as a violent act.

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I did read the posts and articles and noticed that even men reporting DV has gone up. I was wondering when this would be recognized by the public that it does occur. Several years ago before procuring a private home, we lived in a mansion. It was where I first witnessed an encounter of DV by a woman against a man. The woman punched and kicked her partner but he just restrained himself and said nothing. The woman was known to constantly beat up, in public across the community. One evening I ran into her partner at the convenience store and say several bruises, and looked pretty beaten. I asked him if he was ok and what circumstances did he put up with the ongoing and onslaught abuse. He had a pretty high paid salary job and was not the type to go out at bars much less an affair. He told me he was ok, and that he loved his kids and though his wife constantly beat on him, he loved her anyway and one day she would change. Well I don't that happened before we sold that place, but did see him taken out by ambulance after she clogged him with a pan on the head. He survived came back later, the police did nothing, so we figured he didn't press charges. We were cordial to the woman and she always said hello and smiled but the abuse was only focused on her partner. From our understanding he never raised his voice though we could hear her via doors and walls. Just seeing this guy beaten down and worn out was shameful. A man regardless of partner should always maintain their self respect, worth and dignity as a man. I don't call it courage or brave but where was he to turn to except violence when a system is not designed to help men like him. Please readers feel free to respond your thoughts.

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power harassment + alcohol = DV cocktail.

I don't know about the power harassment part, bro. I'd just say alcohol + 2 people (with at least one of them under stress of some kind, and less than ideal communication skills) = DV cocktail.

Most Japanese get their knickers in a twist about drugs that they have no experience with, but constantly ignore the threat of one of the most dangerous ones - alcohol.

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 Interesting use of vocabulary here.

I wouldn't read too much into word nuances here, as most of these articles are translations from Japanese. Usually nuances are lost (or added) in that process.

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 The number of consultations over stalking stood at 20,912, down 644 from 2018, while that of stalking cases in which the police launched investigations totaled 2,355, down 109, according to the report.

This also could very well be due to the fact that many people who report crimes like these are treated as criminals as well!

There is a long history of this happening here, and people are not always willing to step forward out of fear of being treated like THEY are the ones who are guilty!

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This is all informational stuff, but what are we to do with it? How about coming up with stiffer, stricter penalties and longer jail times for those fools who hit women, men or fatally abuse children?

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An NPA official said the decreases might be attributable to stricter regulations and a growing sense among people to obey them.

"Growing sense?" Interesting use of vocabulary here. Inference meaning that prior to these "regulations" people who were guilty of committing these crimes, had a lower sense of responsibility and felt that what they were doing was ok?

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About time male victims are recognized.

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TomToday  09:26 am JST

One of my daughters was in those stats. She just moved out with her one year old.

Sorry for you and your family bro. but she did the right thing to protect herself and baby.

no reason to keep up with tyranny.

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tripling of male victims too!? Crazy

I would imagine this is because men are only just now starting to report these cases. DV laws have pretty much protected only women to this point.

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One of my daughters was in those stats. She just moved out with her one year old.

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power harassment + alcohol = DV cocktail.

it is part of Japanese culture, as usual no problems...

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This is disappointing news for those under 30 as they are categorized in the higher numbers affected. Possibly due to financial strains and thorough understanding in keeping their actions in line.

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