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Domestic violence higher in tsunami zone


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The stress must be horrendous, especially for those couples and families living in 1K "temporary accomodation" with no privacy. I hope these men get the help they need before people end up getting killed...

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So, what is the government doing about it? Bugger all!!! It's two years since the tsunami and meltdown and very few people have been returned to their homes or been compensated. This report should also include the increased suicide rate in these areas. It is shameful how little has been done to help these people.

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The government in Tokyo is just that.

The government in Tokyo.

They are too short sighted to see the rest of Japan.

They spend their time in the diet building in "discussions," or holding "conferences," "meetings," or sending reports and memos to each other.

Tohoku is a mess.

Abe needs to visit China, North Korea to sort out the problems there. He also needs to confront the "comfort women" issue and the Nanking massacre instead of pretending it didn't happen.

The government of Tokyo has to become the government of Japan and that means getting out, confronting the trouble spots and actually doing something for people.

But, realistically, if someone made that suggestion to them, they would probably hold discussions, meetings and conferences and write memos long reports to each other about the pros and cons of getting out more.

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I would imagine so.

THis is to be expected.

At the least it is being measured and reported.

Next- treated? Support?

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Find the money for?

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"Increased stress could be to blame"??? How about teaching most of the men and some women(because the fact remains that most perps are of the male sex and DV stems from gender inequality) that NOTHING justifies beating your spouse? If you experience "stress" in your workplace, you start beating your boss, too?

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No one is referring to the stress as a justification.

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@ Disillusioned...good insight within the limits of this site....

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Every expert knew stress was going to be the biggest issue. Wish more could be done.

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A local support group cited by Jiji said this could lead to frustrations that may also increase violence in the home.

I wonder where they find folks like this? Like state the obvious, but no one wants to discuss about the cures Mr Abe.

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Troubadour. Please check these photos for how little has been done. Yeah, it is a big job. So what? If the J-Gov can afford to spend relief funds on their farcicle whale hunt they can afford to send more tradesmen to Tohoku to get these people's lives back on track and curb this trend of depression and violence.


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No one is referring to the stress as a justification.

I don't know. The article's quotes seem to be clearly blaming stress for it and that being used as an excuse is pretty close to justifiying it. Stress is not the reason for DV and it should not be used as such in my opinion. There are plenty of stressed people that do not go and hit their family members.

Increased stress caused by coping with the aftermath of the tsunami of March 2011, or the fear of radiation from the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant, could be to blame, said the report from news agency Jiji Press.

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I agree with slumdog. You might be stressed but its no justification. My friend (although not in the Fukushima zone) has a husband who is under a lot of pressure from work. As a friend as she has confided in me, I know her husband gets angry at her over the smallest things and yells at her, saying some pretty nasty stuff (its a lot of mental abuse). But she has told me herself that it is justified because he is under so much stress.

I bet if you asked the victims they would probably say something similar.

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