Donations for arson-hit Kyoto Anime top ¥270 mil in 1 day


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Compassion manifested.

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This is great news, but holy crap, stop saying the maniac's name in every single article! If this is a stock newswire article, just edit it out. We don't need to know the arsonist's name to know that thousands of generous people are helping the victims.

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upside of Japan

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What kind of oversight will there be to ensure this money goes where it should, instead of into someone's pockets?

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It’s great to see the support but sad to think that there are so many other victims who receive nothing of the sort.

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Who is this money for, exactly.? How will it be spent? Who is accountable for it?

I assume KyoAni is insured, so why are they being paid anything?

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All of the donations are for the victims of the tragic fire bombing, and their families. Not for the company. This reflects what the anime community thinks of the people who worked for this company. They have lost their best and most creative workers whom will be difficult to replace.

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I wonder what it takes for people to put their hands in their pockets to donate. Murder victims families are not so fortunate. I wonder, is it to do with numbers? Is it to do with the popularity of the business involved? I'm neither for or against this kind of funding, but can't work out why some receive it and some don't

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I think the size and the quickness of the donations shows the closeness of the international anime community, the great respect for the Japanese anime and the large numbers of international fans.

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