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Dozens of Canon security cameras hacked in Japan


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IoT security for almost all devices is a complete failure. There are a few Top 10 lists with best practices, but nobody outside security pros follows them, even if the devices are able to. Normally, IoT devices (including vehicle systems) have very little security protections.

Using passwords is a total security failure. Allowing default passwords to remain after power-on is even worse. Always use key-based authentication.

Only allow access to the devices from known locations, never the entire world.

Include methods to remotely patch the systems from either a known internet location or by the vendor, which the owner chooses. Monthly patching against issues must be included in the purchase price for a clearly specified period of time that must be AT LEAST 7-15 yrs.

If these things aren't done, we end up with devices that can be hacked, converted into attack systems which can be targeted at anyone on the internet. Whole countries have been taken off the internet using methods that these devices can perform. It isn't just camers. Any devices that are always connected to the internet can be commandeered for other purposes if they have weak security. The types of devices are nearly endless.

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IoT = Internet of Trouble

For the Home user, having everything accessible upon the Internet should be a bit troubling, but these days it's an accepted norm. However ... as people are finding out, some devices have no password - allowing anyone, once connected to have access to your device, or if they are connected to some central service, then what that Service does with your data is another matter starting to unravel.

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The IoT. Another bad idea whose time has come...

The internet of things has to be one of the most poorly conceived ideas around. How can we create a system where all the devices are interconnected, like its automatically a good idea, and yet we will also drive this fantasy that it will be secure.

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Guess you can’t count on a Canon after all

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Anyone got fired from the Security Company which manage and installed those Canon security camera recently?

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