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Drunk firefighter arrested for intruding into man’s home, falling asleep on bed


Police in Sapporo have arrested a 26-year-old firefighter after he entered the home of a 75-year-old man and fell asleep on a bed.

According to police, the firefighter, Kyohei Matsui, entered the apartment in Toyohira Ward through an unlocked front door at around 12:45 a.m. Friday, and fell asleep on a bed, local media reported.

The occupant of the apartment, who lives alone, got up during the night and saw Matsui sleeping on a spare bed. He called police to report there was a stranger sleeping in his apartment.

Matsui was quoted by police as saying he had been drinking with five friends since 7:30 p.m. on Thursday. He said he was drunk and thought it was his apartment which is nearby.

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And while the guy went to the wrong apartment, with so many of them in Tokyo looking the same, why is a 75 year old man sleeping with his apartment unlocked? Yeah it isnt his fault, and thankfully no one got hurt, but this should be a message to him to lock his apartment at night!

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Sorry Sapporo...

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Poor overworked young man he must had been push to drink and was already too tired. Whatever the situation was I am glad both are not hurt.

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that would be a real shock, especially if you were a young woman. its good to know that Japan is still a place safe enough that people don't lock their doors.

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While he was arrested I would love to think no charges were pressed as he did no harm and it wasn't intentional

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Still find Japan safe enough that I keep my balcony door open during summer(1st floor apartment).

Only intruder so far a stray cat or two, no sexy available ladies.

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Trespassing charges still apply, but agree an apology should be enough.

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I think that this is a genuine case of "I was drunk and I didn't know what I was doing" rather that a poor excuse to get out of something.

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Sounds like he had not been able to hold his drink and got dead drunk. Chances were someone forcibly offered him a sizable amount of booze. Good thing no one was hurt.

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Not an uncommon event, I'm sure. Shortly after moving into our mansion a few years ago, I exited the elevator on the way to work in the morning, and found a pile of piss-soaked clothes. I told the spousal unit to call the police because there was a naked drunk guy in our building somewhere. As I went back up (with his phone and wallet), I saw him in all his glory on a different floor pounding on the door of a family with a newborn baby girl. He saw me go by, and came up to our floor, so I "guided" him back to the first floor to wait for the police, who showed up more quickly than I expected. The guy was not even from our building.

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