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Photo taken Tuesday shows a duck with an arrow-like object in its back in Tokyo's Inokashira Park. Photo: YOUTUBE

Duck shot with arrow seen in pond in Tokyo park


A duck with an arrow-like object protruding from its back has been spotted in a pond in Tokyo’s Inokashira Park. Both the police and city officials have been working together to protect the injured bird in the usually tranquil park in Tokyo’s Kichijoji area.

The injured duck was first spotted on Tuesday. It had an arrow-like object in its back but did not appear to have been weakened by the attack.

However, a search conducted on Wednesday failed to locate the injured duck. 

Police said the person who fired the arrow into the duck faces a charge of violating the Animal Protection Law.

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Hope they can find the ducky and hasten its mending. And find the jerk who did this and hasten their way to jail.

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Looks like a crossbow bolt to me. I don't understand why a country that is pretty darn harsh on weapons regulations doesn't come down on what they call "bow guns". Any idiot, including the perpetrator, can use a crossbow. Let him try with a compound or worse a Japanese longbow and see if he doesn't get spotted carrying it around.

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From the picture, it looks like it could be absolutely anything stuck into that duck. It could be a part of a car engine that flew off the highway and hit the duck for all we know. They said he didn't appear to be hurt by it, did they stop to think that the reason the duck didn't turn up again is because whatever it was stuck in the duck, fell back out because it wasn't really stuck?

It seems a to be little premature to be searching for a ninja with a crossbow.

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I'm sure the police and city officials only did a cursory inspection of the duck without optics so aren't credible when the describe the object protruding from the duck.

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Looks like an aerial from a radio

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