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Duck with arrow in its neck spotted at Saitama park


A duck was found with an arrow in the neck at Sai no Mori Iruma Park in Iruma, Saitama Prefecture, last week, park authorities and police said Monday.

Authorities said the bird, which has proved too elusive to capture, was spotted eating and flying in the park despite the injury, Sankei Shimbun reported. The arrow appears to have been fired from a crossbow, police said.

The injured duck was first seen on Oct 25, prompting park officials to report the case to prefectural and local police authorities.

Police are investigating the case as a violation of the Wildlife Protection Law.

Officials from the Saitama prefectural environment department, meanwhile, are making every effort to rescue the bird, but have not been successful so far.

A similar case was reported in Itami, Hyogo Prefecture also in late October, where a duck was found with an arrow stuck in its head at a local pond, authorities say.

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What kind of person would want to do this? A psychopath? A hunter?

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What kind of person would want to do this? A psychopath? A hunter?

Could be any of the above. I would also suggest some juvenile, but that would require them to have access to a crossbow, so less likely.

Unfortunately, there are people out there who think it is "kinda cool" to see what something like a crossbow could do.

Hopefully they can capture the duck and remove the arrow.

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That duck was on the news last week. He is very genki and does not want to be caught.

Crossbows are not easy to hide, and how many of them can possibly be in that part of town. Someone must know who has it or them.

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Good for the duck! UNkillable and uncatchable!

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Here we go again. If I had a hundred yen for every time a duck was drilled with an arrow in Japan, I'd have bought my own island somewhere in the Pacific (or paid the Chinese to build one for me). Does anybody remember the case in Ueno Park years ago when hundreds of government officials ended up terrorising the local avian population in pursuit of one poor bird?

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Saitama again. Wasn't the last time we heard about an animal being stabbed or shot with an arrow in Saitama? They need to find who did it and REALLY give some harsh punishment so people in this nation will learn that cruelty to animals is unforgivable.

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Interesting. I was always under the impression that crossbows fired bolts, but are there types which can fire arrows?

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Halloween Duck?

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It has to be a kid. 15--22. Unemployed with a penchant for prepper/survivalism and insufficient patience and skill to track a wounded animal. Probably overweight. He bought this weapon within the last year, I would bet. We are coming into the "season" for duck hunting because they are fattening up. This person is smart enough to know that, but too dumb to hunt.

There is a reason that something as small as a duck is not hunted in the wild with something shooting sharp bolts. There are special arrows and bolts designed to stun winged game, but obviously they were not used here. In fact, it is likely that the "arrow" was a target arrow or bolt, with a pointed, but not bladed tip. It punched a hole rather than cutting or tearing. Anyway, a hunter would use a shotgun or a trap or net.

Trying to get a head shot on a duck without using a rifle and scope is irresponsible. This person was thinking, "I won't shoot for the body because I might not be able to get to it after I shoot it, so it will bleed out. I know! I will aim at the head instead! That way if I miss, I miss, but if I hit, I will definitely kill it!" Well, this genius was just clever enough to do something stupid. He managed the worst possible outcome for a hunter: he missed, he lost his dinner, he lost his bolt, he maimed the animal, and he gave up tracking it. A total loser.

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This duck survived and got away. It maybe that several other ducks didn't survive, were retrieved and became dinner, which, if true, would change the motive of the crime.

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It was not an arrow that hit the duck, it was a dart from a blow gun.

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Looked very small in the video I saw on the train, so I'd bet on a dart as wel!

zones2surfNov. 03, 2015 - 07:48AM JST

They sell crossbows in most hobby shops, they are easy to get a hold of.

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