Education ministry official arrested over possession of stimulant drugs, marijuana


A 44-year-old career bureaucrat employed at the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) has been arrested by the ministry’s Narcotics Control Department for possessing stimulant drugs and marijuana. 

According to an agent involved in the investigation, Mitsuhiro Fukuzawa, who is an assistant director for the elementary and secondary education bureau, has admitted to violating both the Stimulant Control and Cannabis Control Law following his arrest on Tuesday, Fuji TV reported.

According to an official from the Narcotics Control Department, Fukuzawa is accused of possessing several grams of stimulant drugs and marijuana found during a raid on his residence in Shinjuku Ward on Tuesday. A search of his office turned up stimulant drugs inside a plastic bag and several syringes stored in his desk.

Police quoted Fukuzawa as saying he had the stimulant drugs for his own personal use. Officials at the Narcotics Control Department suspect that Fukuzawa also used the drugs at his workplace in the ministry building.

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Well, that guy's life is over. All for daring to intoxicate himself on drugs that are not on the Approved Intoxicants List.

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Shootin shabu in the Ministry of Education. Sounds like the title for a death metal song. How could one possibly spike up and then walk amongst career bureaucrats? Just incredible. Never a dull day in the J news innit! They will crucify him now. Many deep bows will happen and there’ll be lots of feelings of across the board ‘regrettable.’

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The highly stressful work culture in Japan will drive anyone to drugs, even those disapproved of by the dinosaurs from the Legal Drugs Party which has ruled the country for far too long.

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what a shame

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I wonder how he was rumbled.

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It is one of the news that i feel sorry.

It is ironic that he was a staff member of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

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Similar story. Just three weeks ago reported here, in METI Ministry of Economy Trade and Industry. Remember this guy?

How many more are there with equipment in their desk drawers?

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Government official equals suspended sentence Maybe a 10% reduction in pay for three months

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I'm sure that this bloke was fully supportive of all the hysterical anti-drug propaganda in all of the schools, wonder what his views are now!

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