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Elderly care home resident stabs fellow resident to death in Kagawa


A resident of a care home for the elderly has been arrested for allegedly murdering a fellow resident and injuring another in Kotohira town, Kagawa Prefecture, police said Monday.

The suspect, who has been named as 86-year-old Hajime Takamaru, is accused of entering the third floor room of co-resident Yoshiaki Onogawa, aged 79, at around 7:25 p.m. on Sunday night and stabbing him with a knife, TV Asahi reported. Police say he then proceeded to the second-floor room of a female resident, aged 68, and allegedly slashed her across the face.

Onogawa was taken to hospital where doctors say he died from shock brought about by blood loss, TV Asahi reported.

According to police, Takamaru confessed to the attacks at the scene and was arrested for attempted murder, a charge that was upgraded to one of murder on Monday. Police were quoted as saying that Takamaru has so far provided no motive for the crime.

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I'm thinking he'll be living in another type of residential care facility for the rest of his life.

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Good grief, what is it about this geriatric crime wave this year? I don´t recall so many of these things before.

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Well, even with a death penalty he'll probably die from natural causes before being executed...

At least there were no young victims this time. What's wrong with all these oyajis here? Maybe they are a bit too genki after all...

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Could it be a love triangle?

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He'll most likely be dead before his trial is over.

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Did he suffer from dementia?

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Good grief, what is it about this geriatric crime wave this year? I don´t recall so many of these things before.

Let's just say that maybe you are now aware of it because of articles like this on JT. I would say that it is no more or no less than maybe 20 or 25 years ago.

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All around sad. Lived such a long life only for it to end this way. A sad story if you ask me. This applies to both perpetrator and victims.

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Rest in Peace to the old man and hopefully the lady recovers. This old Takamaru bloke just sounds awful. In their situation, you'd like to think people are over fighting about women, money etc - but who knows?

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Nothing will happen to the guy because he's old and lives in a care facility. Perhaps his family will have to pay "gomenasai" money the the victim's family.

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