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Elderly couple found dead at home in Oita


Police said Tuesday they have started a murder investigation after the remains of an elderly couple were found in their house in Hiji, Oita Prefecture, on Monday.

According to police, the bodies were discovered in the house belonging to Takafumi Kasagi, 86, by Kasagi's eldest son who lived nearby. Police said that Kasagi and his wife Kemako, 84, appear to have been dead for at least four days when their bodies were found.

Police said there were signs that Takafumi had been stabbed in the stomach and Kemako in the back. An autopsy failed to show a conclusive cause of death for Kemako, but found that Takafumi had died of blood loss.

According to police, the Kasagis lived alone and the front door and windows were locked.

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Sounds like a fatal case of 'spooning whilst holding a sharp object'.

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Very unsettling. If everything was locked up tight, I wonder if this was a double suicide or something. Quite sad no matter what.

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If no weapon was found, and if everything was locked, the murderer may have had a key the whole time, or tricked their way inside and then locked up after themselves to conceal their crime for longer.

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Seems they simply decided they'd lived long enough and wanted to move on.

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If these were suicides, I would expect to find some sort of note. But why were the windows locked in this heat?

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