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Elderly woman robbed of Y3.4 million in her Nagoya home


An 82-year-old woman was robbed of 3.4 million yen in cash on Tuesday night after two men forced their way into her home in Nagoya. According to police, the two men forced their way in when the woman answered the doorbell around 7:50 p.m. They taped her eyes and mouth and bound her hands.

About an hour after the incident, the woman freed herself and ran outside, alerting a neighbor to call police. Both men are around 40 years of age and about 175 cm tall. They were wearing navy blue hats and work uniforms.

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Oh no! They were Navy. No wait, the hats were Navy. Granny should always keep 34 grand on hand in case, aaaaah, hell party money for the weekend?

Buuhhaa "She ran outside" Go Granny Go!

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a 82-year old woman "freed herself and ran outside". that's a hell of a granny! hope they will find the guys and her cash, and she will enjoy it for a long time

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doubt it was random

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No way it was random, but for the record, Granny, heres a few tips:

1) Do you know what a bank is, and why it is good? If the answer is yes, then this was deserved. If the answer is no, what the hell have you been doing the last 82 years to accumulate 3.4 million yen and not know about a bank?

2) Peepholes are good things, as are the com things that most apts/homes have equiped to speak outside without answering the door. This is not 40 years ago when it was relatively safe to open the door, despite the man on the other side being 4x your size with a shotgun in tow.

3) Granny freed herself.... <---- screams bullshit. This was not random, an 82 year old does not free herself from almost anything unless it was intentionally done to be easily broken. Someone who knew her did it.

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These perps knew she had the cash on hand and shouldn't be hard to track down even for the keystones. I'm not even gonna contemplate why the heck she had 35 grand in her house.

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This reminds me of that elderly couple who were murdered a few weeks ago because they were flashing their cash around the neighborhood rather ostentatiously. I'm really sorry that this woman had to go through this ordeal, but banks and not advertising to the world how much money you have are good ways to avoid this sort of thing from happening.

0 ( +0 / -0 ) you work for Madoff? Who would trust a bank in this day and age?

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It was definitely known Granny had the cash. I feel sorry for her, but also feel she was stupid to have so much cash on hand. Granted, a bank would only give her... what... ¥3400 yen a year in interest but lend it out with 9% interest or more?

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Remember all paranoid foreigners are foreigners.

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