Employee of broadcaster TBS arrested on suspicion of kidnapping teenage girl


Police in Sapporo on Sunday arrested a 30-year-old man on suspicion of kidnapping a teenage girl in Shizuoka.

According to police, the suspect, Kyo Yo, works in the film and anime division of TBS and lives in Tokyo, Fuji TV reported. Police said Kyo met the girl in mid-August and then took her to his home in Tokyo’s Shibuya Ward.

The girl’s parents filed a missing person’s report after she did not come home. A nationwide alert was issued and police found the couple walking together along a street in Sapporo’s Kita Ward at around 10 a.m. on Sunday. It was not clear how long they had been in Hokkaido, nor where they were staying. Police said the girl was unharmed.

Police said Kyo has denied the charge, but admitted he knew the girl was a minor. Police did not say how he met the girl.

On Sunday afternoon, TBS issued a statement, apologizing for Kyo’s actions

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While I agree with you guys in theory, the very definition of the word kidnap includes coaxing or enticing them to go willingly.

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It doesn't sound like "kidnapping" to me.

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I agree with Disillusioned that the identity of the man's employer is an aside, not the crux of the story. Assuming of course that it was not used to lure the girl in a "hey, I'm an animator" way.

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I also disagree that this is a kidnapping. An underage girl willingly runs away from home to shack up with a man isn't in my opinion kidnapping. Kidnapping is done by force.

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It doesn't matter whether or not people agree or disagree with it being a kidnapping, the reality is that Japanese law calls it a kidnapping, and it's illegal under that law. Whether or not you agree with the definition of the English word used as a translation of Japanese law is irrelevant. If you want English news articles to be a perfect representation of the language of the land, you're best off moving to a country that writes their law in English.

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"Kyo has denied the charge" because he didn't realize that the charge of kidnapping includes enticing the girl to come willingly

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Is his employer really necessary to start the headline? He is a creep, but that is not the company's fault. Surely it would have been adequate just to put the information somewhere in the article.

I think kidnapping is an incorrect charge if the girl goes willingly. Kidnapping implies being held against one's will. Perhaps grooming or coercing a minor would be a more appropriate charge.

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Boys, statutory rape does not imply that the act was forced. Legally the minor does not have

the ability to consent. Therefore legally an adult and a minor sex act is statutory rape. Kidnapping

a minor is the same no doubt. She could not consent to going to Hokkaido legally. Therefore she

was kidnapped. And raped as well no doubt.

This TBS guy knew what he was doing and that it was illegal. He did it anyway cause he is a criminal.

What is it about TBS employees that make them do so such things. Other even bigger case of TBS

employee committing rape is Noriyuki Yamaguchi, this criminal drugged and then raped a young woman,

not a minor in this case. He is a buddy of PM Abe's so is not in jail now as he should be.

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