Employee of regional taxation bureau arrested for indecent exposure


Kanagawa Prefectural Police have arrested a 23-year-old Tokyo Regional Taxation Bureau employee on a charge of indecent exposure after he publicly bared the lower half of his body.

According to police, Daiki Yoshida, 23, dropped his pants at around 4:20 p.m. Sunday, while walking a long a street in Chuo Ward, Sagamihara City, Fuji TV reported.

Police said Yoshida flashed a woman in her 20s, who was passing by. She called 110 and officers who were on patrol in the area arrested Yoshida after pinning him down.

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In this cold? Im sure he didnt have a lot to show for it.

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I really, really don't understand these guys. A police chief was also let go -- not charged, mind you -- the other day for taking upskirt pics, and just today in Chiba a guy who was caught for the same thing fractured a bunch of bones after escaping a police interrogation room while the officer in charge was asleep. What is it about up skirt pics or flashing, groping, or what have you that these guys get off on? and why on earth don't they ever think of the consequences? Well, I guess when the chief I mentioned faced only a one month 10-percent pay deduction you can understand why, to an extent, but still.

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Was he collecting field tax?

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Civil servants: the devil finds work for idle hands?

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Did they pin him down with his pants still dropped?

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'He bared his lower half'


Does this mean his penis?

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If she called 110, i guess she didn't like what she saw. Generally, lower body flashing is considered an ice breaker or conversation starter.

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I saw an old one back in the day pull down his to relieve himself in the subway, and they all just passed him by like the "song walk on by" And in Ginza on a street at night; ditto. BUT I saw "that old hindu" in KL change clothes while waiting for the bus. Oh well another day another one...

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I always knew I was big, but "lower half"??

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"he publicly bared the lower half of his body." I saw one of those straight-jacket candidates while in a restaurant in Shizuoka, this one had on the traditional business obit black suit, with his fly open, coughing omni-directional while others were playing oblivious.

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Daiki Yoshida, 23, dropped his pants at around 4:20 p.m. Sunday, while walking a long a street in Chuo Ward, Sagamihara City,


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Chances were that he'd wanted to brag about his you-know-what. ;‑) But it ended up being disliked by the woman and arrested. Very comical by some way. :‑)

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Psychologists can’t come up with definitive causes for exhibitionism. Here’s one of the independent variables that I haven’t heard proffered: humor. I had an inside track on this observation by one time taking my alcoholic uncle to the hospital. He had lain in bed for two months with the same clothes on, so that his pants, with no underwear under them, had almost disintegrated. I was walking along side of him on the sidewalk, holding him up, when his pants, faster than gravity, suddenly fell to below his ankles. The indescribable expression on a woman’s face walking toward us was priceless. Thirty years hence I still laugh out loud every time I think about it. He died a painless death, lest someone criticize my callousness. And I realize the moderators will immediately cut this.

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"He took it out"

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He was drunk and can not remember any thing ... the standard saying.

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He could just say that he was showing his own "tax symbol" to represent his work. Ever look closely at the design of the emblem of the taxation office. Looks like something that's in the pants of a man.

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What is the sentence/fine for indecent exposure I wonder? I know back in the States, public urination is considered indecent exposure and may even get you registered as a sex offender. Living out here in the country, I always drive by old farmers urinating on the side of the road.

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thats the thing with crazy people, they dont know theyre crazy, thats what makes the crazy!

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Smith: I agree with most of your comment, but you said the police chief was let go, then you said he got a 10% deduction... which was it?

Anyway, I imagine this guy's excuse was that he was drunk, or he was under a lot of pressure or some poor excuse... whatever.... another day in Japan!

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I do not understand why nudity is wrong. We started that way and it did not bother us.

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Dennis Bauer Was he collecting field tax?

it might have worked ..ha ha....

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A "straight jacket"?

Was he eating plumb pudding? ; )

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thats the thing with crazy people, they dont know theyre crazy, thats what makes the crazy!

The same goes for stupid. Crazy people do stupid things, as do stupid people do crazy things.

It's a little odd there is no mention of any kind of excuse in this article. It's usual to see the "I was drunk" or "I was stressed out" excuses. It's quite possible this loon is too crazy and too stupid to give an excuse.

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Follow the money. Imagine some guy working on a tax audit case against a pachinko parlor or xyz gumi group and he gets death threats to himself or his family if he does not play ball with the bad guys.

How do you get out of that? By exposing yourself, you might even be able to preserve SOME professional integrity, after a time, and you probably will not wind up getting prison time. On the other hand, if you indict the bad guys for tax evasion you might get snuffed. Or you could cover for the bad guys and protect your family, but that would lead to a lifetime of being an extortion victim at the very least.

Sorry someone had to see his genitalia, but this guy might have had bigger problems. Maybe he simply chose life.

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