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Escapee eluded manhunt by hiding in attic of vacant house


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Good material for a film-a comedy perhaps, certainly as far as the police 'manhunt' is concerned.

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Didny he just swim 300m and take a train while 6600 police were looking for him and harrassing locals?wearing wet clothes.

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I've only been in the attic of our current house a few times and is very different of what might be in the west. Its a complete mess there are huge timber structure for the roof. The so called floor area isn't like joists you can walk across. The Japanese ceiling are installed from below and have no strength. Moving around a Japanese is careful and dangerous and certainly impossible ti sleep in. They also hold decades of dust, rubbish and rat droppings.

There are farmhouse with a fitted attic which are used for breeding silkworms or growing mushrooms. They are very large houses and that attic space is a nice space.

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If the guy swam, and that is his story, he will surely have put his clothes into plastic shopping bags to keep them dry, and tied them loosely together as water wings to help float him across.

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If it was a 'vacation home', zichi, maybe the attic was not the typical place that you describe. Funny that the police read his note, though, but did not think to check the attic.

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Yeah, I ‘suppose’ the attic may have just been a standard roof cavity but, if I was a cop looking for a crim, the ceiling would be the first place I’d look. I always check the ceilings when I move into a new apartment. You never know what could be stashed up there.

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Apparently the police only checked the genkan for shoes.

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In most buildings the roof space is usually closed off without any kind of trap door that are often found in western homes. I made an enterance by moving a thin piece of plywood/Vermeer top of a futon cupboard.

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nandakandamanda, “Funny that the police read his note, though, but did not think to check the attic.”

From what I saw on TV news, the police found the note in the attic when they searched it after Hirao was captured and told them where he had been hiding.

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Educator, it seems you may be right. I have just checked various sites; news from April 29th specifically mentions 'in the attic'. e.g. また屋根裏からは、「刑務官が嫌だった」という内容のメモがみつかったといいます。

= Also in the attic was found a memo saying "I couldn't take that prison officer any longer."

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