Ex-adviser brought ¥20 mil in cash to Japan in casino scandal


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They gave some politician a million yen. I didn't realize politicians could be bought so cheaply.

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"They gave some politician a million yen. I didn't realize politicians could be bought so cheaply."

There may be more money involved. Has anyone been arrested and interrogated yet?

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If the money was declared then it is not an offense...

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How in the heck did he manage to carry that much cash through customs without anyone questioning him?

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How the heck dod Japan manage to know the suspect took 22.5 millions yens through customs (outside a forced confession ...) ?

I am wondering where is the evidence as media they fail to explain while 4 out 5 suspected lawyers still deny ?

A video ? A hack in a Hongkong bank ?

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Sorry, I.misread : 20 million yens only through customs...

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Tokyo prosecutors suspect Konno, 48, took out 22.5 million yen from a bank account in Hong Kong on Sept 28, 2017, then flew to Kansai International Airport in Osaka Prefecture with the cash, they said.

This airport has been in the news.

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The bribe was only part of it. My guess is the remainder of the 22.5 million was spent on entertainment expenses. Would be interesting if investigators followed the trail but these things in Japan usually get buried pretty fast.

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Does Japan really want its casinos used to wash Chinese Triad money?

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Japan....corruption, bribery...….hahahahahaha!!

This has been going on & on & on since FOREVER!!!!  I think one can still make a good return investing in brown envelopes here in Japan!!!!

Been saying this for decades, bribes & corruption are the prime reason Japan is so expensive & why we all get so little value for our yen in Japan, we have to pay for this stuff sadly!!

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Something strange here, this doesn't seem like so much money for such a big deal that are gambling casinos.

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Do us all a favor Shimoji. Quit. You could never win the elections on your own anyways.

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The problem is much larger than that of the money.

The problem is that Japan by opening up the casino business and without having a limit on what foreigners can own in Japan from Real Estate to businesses, it has opened up a major problem for the entire country. Gambling invites "corruption" and disrupt social stability and economic productivity.. That is why it was banned by many nations for centuries world wide.

Gambling is "money" being used at its worst, as there is no substance as with stocks. There is "no recovery". There is "no guarantee" except that one "might" be "lucky" to get something, some amount by being the 60% chance of people that may win something. Not as poor an option like the lottery (millions to one), but pachinko and gaming is a "loser" for the participant, except the owner and the government, where they are guaranteed to collect taxes, because they can "enforce" payment of taxes by "force".

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They gave some politician a million yen. I didn't realize politicians could be bought so cheaply.

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