Ex-bank executive pleads guilty in Olympus fraud


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Spot on sangetsu03. The sentences handed down by the Japanese court to those guys were a joke. But hey, as long as the lemmings don`t complain too loudly...shouganai,naa.

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Chan was a non-Japanese who is being tried in America, so he will probably receive a far harsher sentence than the executives he helped, who walked away with suspended sentences, and relatively light fines. Had they committed this fraud in America they would have died of old age in prison.

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$10 Million off a shell game! This guy should be in the Guinnes Book of Records.

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"A Japanese judge said in July that executives used their authority and financial expertise to carry out a fraud that undermined faith in the Tokyo stock market and shook corporate Japan’s international credibility."

And then handed out suspended sentences to all of them. So what?

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Why is he a banker and not a fund manager? Which bank did he work for?

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"Chad received more than $10 million in compensation for cooperating with the corrupt executives."

Chad who?

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