Ex-BOJ employee nabbed for alleged theft of gold coins


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Feel sorry for his coworkers who had to undergo interrogation for his crime.

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Interesting that the money printers would be stealing gold coins, but I should probably not read too much into it.

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@fxgai = yes, it's petty compared to what the Central bankers & Governments of the world do with regard to printing money out of thin air eh. However we never hear about those crimes against us all do we

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Sad and pathetic that he’s thrown his comfy existence away all for the sake of a couple of coins that he could easily have afforded on his presumably very immodest public official’s salary.

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I wonder if they'd have been caught had they replaced the originals with Fakes ?

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He must have been in dire financial trouble to steal such miniscule amount of 2 coins. So sad....

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