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Ex-cop's appeal over murder of family dismissed; death penalty upheld


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Good news.

I hope the rest of his miserable days are spent in terror over when he is ordered to meet the executioner. That sure will be a righteous day.

Rest in Peace to the poor family he butchered.

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Good decision.

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I don’t have any faith in the Japanese police and the Japanese justice system.

Did he do it or was he just an easy guy to pin it on to get a high-profile case closed quickly?

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What was the motive for the murders?

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Brilliant decision by Japanese court, well done. His appealing decision also demonstrates of him not having human soul.a person who has a slight decency wouldn’t appeal the court decision after killing 2 children. He may have some reason killing his wife, but why kill innocent children. I hope he gets killed in most painful way.

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punishment is "unavoidable" as he has failed to reflect upon the crime and show remorse

so if you do not confess and do not pretend to commit a crime, you must die???

Where is the evidence of the murder???

assumption, speculation, and presumption seem to be the grounds for a fair judgment....

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It is a logical assumption that the defendant killed his wife

It is presumed that he lost his presence of mind

Yet he gets the only irrevocable sentence?


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Doesn’t sound like a safe verdict. What ever he is accused of, what ever he may or may not be guilty of does not justify state murder.

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