Ex-Daio Paper chairman arrested for using billions of yen on gambling spree


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Moron gets what's coming to him. I hope to read more stories about other companies following suit.

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oh, yeah. let`s see a little more of this and maybe japan will be a better place.

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Better yet, a slap on the hand and japan is all better

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what a great way to go!

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Employees were quoted as saying that no one dared questioned the orders of any of the Ikawa family.

There is the main problem. All around the world workers are held at bay due to corruption and nepotism.

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Would love to know what he gambled on, how much at a time, how he got royally screwed by the casino's and what kind of hospitality he received from them. Hope they helicoptered him to the airstrip and put him on a private charted plane and wished him farewell and expect him to return next month with more dosh.

You know he could have given each and every single employee 3,000,000JPY bonus instead of gambling it away although the shareholders would be pissed.

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If you want to gamble, at least use your own money. This guy probably thinks of a million yen like a hundred yen coin.

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He should of fled to another country or stayed in Macau :P

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He might become a politician soon

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Slap on the wrist coming right up !

What a jerk this guy must be, gamble this amount of money away. Mouth, Gold, Spoon ! Spoilt little rich brat !

There are probably more exactly like him running around Japan too.

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how many more of these will we see? olympus, tepco cover ups, saga nuclear plant chairmen telling staff to send positive support for the plant, now this...i know this happens all the time outside of japan...but seems lack of corporate governance in japan is getting alot more press these days....are we only seeing the tip of the iceberg?

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He'a already "deeply apologized", now nothing will happen to him.

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"using billions of yen of subsidiaries' cash"

More like stealing billions of yen of cash that didn't belong to him. Can he even begin to pay it back?

Take everything he owns, and everything he's going to make for the rest of his life at hard labor.

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He's quite a good looking guy .. I bet the money must have gone into his many love affairs too?

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He sounds mentally ill. I hope they can help him, poor guy.

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Las Vegas ? Did he bring his wife ? Sounds like he had a great time. He should right his memoirs and escapades.

All the women & the fun !!!!!!!

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Olympus, Paper-boy, wonder what we will have next week! Or in the next day or so!

Plenty of stuff happening out their JT, round up the rest of the J-media start exposing more of these scandals, gotta be tons of crap going down!

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That is an absurd amount of money.

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What's that old saying? The first generation builds up the empire and the third generation tears it down.

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another jokers' wild in the corporate spam jam green eggs and grand slam get lucky yuppy guppy...

this sadly demonstrates that a substantial number of clueless drones have made it into the upper echelons of the corporate world, there to play the stock market, or the SLOT M>INES!!!

good job!!!

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I doubt gambling is the only thing he endulged in Macau? Is he married, I bet he visited the chicken ranch a few times

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