Ex-elementary school teacher gets 4-year prison term for sexual indecency


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Only 4 years are you freaking kidding me he'll be out raring to go in no time

There is really something seriously wrong with Japan's justice system

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Repugnant. A complete failure by the judicial system. This guy was arrested in 2013 for distribution of child porn, but was able to regain employment at an elementary school. Does the phrase background check mean anything? Try embracing this thing called the internet.

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He didn't just committed those indecent acts but it was his second offence. Four years it's a joke. Plus there should be a way to keep track of who this guy is what he did did after he's released back into society. Even if he changed his family name again.

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It was reprehensible for him to commit acts by exploiting his positon as a teacher,"

It is reprehensible to think that he will be out in 4!

This guy was arrested in 2013 for distribution of child porn, but was able to regain employment at an elementary school. 

Read the article as to why this happened!

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4 years? Seriously? Where I'm from he'd be handled quite properly.

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One time prison, but multiple times chop it off.

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failed to disclose that he was arrested in 2013 for allegedly sending child pornography online while working at an elementary school in Saitama Prefecture.

This is why Japan needs a national child-sex offender's list, like 'modern' countries have.

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Politicians don't want a "sex offender register" as it would be full of beauracracts politicians, police, teachers. A thing like that could effectively shut down Japanese society. Protect children but since when has that been a priority here. Killing a child has maybe a 2 year suspended sentence.

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@Cricky - I agree, but without the sex offender's list there is nothing stopping this pervert doing exactly the same thing when he gets out of prison. He'll just move to another prefecture, change his name and most likely apply for another teaching job so he can be around children.

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I'm all for a sex register and abolition of this absurd city hall family register that can be changed at a mear whim or accessed by anyone with evil intentions. Pedofiles gravitate to jobs that allow them access to minors. A name change and movement to another prefecture should not allow them to disappear let alone continue their perverted actions. It would be nice if a suspended sentence wasn't the norm and children's lives were considered of some value in the courts eyes...not holding my breath on that.

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Some things about Japan still have me flabbergasted.

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No idea how many times I have commented on Japan's lack of background check for those who work with children this country. Four years and this is the SECOND time he's been caught and found guilty.

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The authorities really don't take sex crime seriously in Japan which is disgraceful.

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Four years for a repeat offender. Absolutely disgusting.

When is Japan going to establish a sex offenders register?

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Unfortunately unlike other prisons around the world where the 2nd wave and real punishment for crimes against children is dished out by fellow inmates this guy can sleep pretty. The ultimate breach of trust. A teacher.

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Read the article as to why this happened!

I did. Are you claiming the koseki doesn't keep records of previous names? If that is the case, it's another failure by Japanese society. Not embracing technology to keep track of these things is another failure.

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When is Japan going to establish a sex offenders register?


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