Ex-head of Osaka school operator to face new arrest over fraud


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Hmmmm, thrown under the bus for dishing dirt on the Abe family ?

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Why didn't the prefectural govt do due diligence at the time subsidies were requested?

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Due diligence does not count when you are the Osaka boss of Nippon Kaigi and friends with Shinzo, and his wife who was the principle. They aren't but should investigate who exactly OK'd all this cash discounts and prosecute them too, unless of course they are Nippon Kaigi pass.

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The nail that sticks out gets hammered down.

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When is Abe going to be arrested?

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when does Abe face charges? Wasn't his wife supposed to testify?

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When is Abe going to be arrested?

And you thought the laws and policies made by government were for them too? Nahhh they just apply to us. Do as we say, don't do as we do!

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Prosecutors are looking into whether officials at the bureau may have committed breach of trust in the murky land deal.

You don't say!

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Japan ranks 17th for corruption because of these old men flouting laws they made, that don't apply to them. Shinzo Mugabe and his cohorts have free range to use tax payers money at will to their benifit then raise our tax to sustain their own need to spend willy nilly on their opulent life styles. When outed a fall guy is needed to firewall themselves from any responsibly for spending our money on their pathetic pet projects.

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Well what happens to Abe is he protected by the law if he wronged.

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How does one say 'patsy' in Japanese?

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Yasunori Kagoike of Moritomo Gakuen maligned PM Abe too much in the past .Now it is his turn to face the music in the court proceedings after being charged with fraud and fraudulently seeking the Central and Osaka prefectural government subsidies for building the elementary school.

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So how does one report the operator of the school and has defrauded the government?

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" Why didn't the prefectural govt do due diligence at the time subsidies were requested?"

He filed differing papers with different agencies...this all came to light after it blew up. The city and prefectural governments didn't compare the paperwork...their subsidies are done independently, but there should probably be cross-checking. This guy has done a lot of weird stuff in filing for the land deal.

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Japanese wc. Tradition and culture. World Heritage.

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