Ex-Japan handball player arrested over assaulting woman at hotel


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Scrambling for a wallet in the woman's hair?

Amazing the excuses these men come up with. I suppose it's a little more original than 'I was drunk and can't remember'.

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His lawyer said Miyazaki claimed he was scrambling for a wallet with the woman but did not pull her hair, adding Miyazaki was showing regret over the incident.

Showing regret for something he didn't do. OK.

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""It would be extremely regrettable if there indeed was violence by a player who has been a leading figure in Japanese handball, someone who has to set an example for those younger,"

My alma mater, could you help an arrested ex Japan handball player in denial ; to set an example for those younger,? I'm a leading figure in Japanese handball.

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Well he may have tarnished his "alma mater"

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The 39-year-old Miyazaki, who played for Alcobendas in Spain...

How ironic! It seems like an alcobenda might have contributed to his bad behaviour.

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Scrambling for a wallet in the woman's hair?

At least he seemingly remembers exactly what he was doing, unlike the average drunken arrestee.

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Was the wallet on top of the woman's head?

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"assaulting a woman at a hotel in Nagoya"

"Was the wallet on top of the woman's head?"

he probably was thinking about the furry dugout to place the money.

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Doesn't sound like much of an "assault".   A handball superstar like him should be ok.  Even though he regrets it.

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Suspended sentence anyone?

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So she needs to get paid and then this will all disappear.

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