Ex-justice minister and his lawmaker wife plead not guilty to vote buying


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Seriously? Well, I guess their not guilty plea is going to make them look all the the more stupid when they’re found guilty

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Guilty till proven innocent! hehe

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That's a 99.9% probability of being declared guilty.

No judge in Japan have plead an innocent verdict in his whole career.

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The need to go see the preceedings just boggles the mind. Being in a courtroom packed with people while possible putting your own health at risk just to say you were there. Keep tabs on the proceedings by reading about them on Japan Today.

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Of course they will be found guilty due to Japan's 99.9% conviction rate.

However,due to their membership of Nippon Kaigi they will just get suspended jail sentences.No jail time at all.

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Even if found guilty, it will be the usual "suspended sentence" with a slap on the wrist.

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Nippon Kaigi favours will be called in and strings pulled to ensure they get either a suspended sentence or a few weeks at a cushy "rich-man's" open prison at worst.

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Biggest responsible person of this issue, Japanese prime minister does nothing about Corona virus epidemic, decreases comments or press conference as possibly, present major media of Japan cannot even tough questions.

unfortunately, his support rate seems to be about to recover gradually in society of forgetful Japanese.

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WOW! They are just asking for the law book to be smacked on their heads. Better to plead, bow and scrape, sumimasen deshita with teary eyes, and hand over the stuffed brown envelopes.

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Excellent acting for the hubbie and wifie. Oscars all around.

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Can they plead ignorance of the law?

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Err, why were they giving away millions of yen then?

Maybe pleading insanity might be a defense...

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Guilty! Although no prison time just cry and bow in front of the camera!

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For services rendered, and because they’re our scumbags, not the other side’s, at most there’ll be a severe reprimand. The LDP always looks after it’s own.

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More to the point, what did the LDP think they would do with the 150 milion yen the party kindly gave them?

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Anri Kawai said she "never conspired with my husband or handed out cash to get elected," adding that the money her husband gave out was for the purpose of expressing support for people running in local elections or to congratulate those who won seats.

Reasonable defense... might get away with it if the witnesses don’t clearly say / show evidence that the Kawai’s directly tried to buy votes!

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