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Ex-NHK reporter gets 21 years for serial rapes


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That's a substantial sentence in Japan

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Deserved. He ruined 3 lives.

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Finally, some proper justice!

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I would say if 3 of 3 cases show a DNA match it would be hard to call into question the analysis vs. if it was only a single case.

Yes, this is quite a substantial sentence in Japan and it sounds like it may fit the crime.

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He probably took note of where the women lived after trying to collect NHK fees from them.

Reporters don't go round collecting fees.

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Hey Zichi, pat articles surrounding this guy have stated they used DNA analysis at the crime scenes.

”Defense lawyers cast doubt on the credibility of DNA analysis performed on samples left at the three crime scenes.”


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As MJ says above yup thats quite a sentence, tarnish a national institutions appearance and pay the consequences.

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That's nothing considering all the other serial rapists running around free here without convictions because the victims won't come forward. Who cares about the evidence? if you followed the case you would know the police had a tracker on his car watching this creep.

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Nice. good job. these kind of crimes need to be punished accordingly. Now the only thing left to do is release to the public his face.

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Yasutaka Tsurumoto consistently denied the allegations during his trial

he has not shown repentance for committing the crimes

These two statements are why he received such a hefty sentence. This is where the inconsistency in the Japanese courts lay. If he had confessed and shown remorse his sentence would have been much less. Just how much less I do not know, but my guess would be at least half.

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Good news

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A decent sentence from a Japanese court? Good grief, I'd never thought I'd see the day.

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Was there security footage of him breaking into their homes?

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He probably took note of where the women lived after trying to collect NHK fees from them. Blame it on NHK house to house fee collecting!

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