Ex-nurse arrested for murdering patient at Yokohama hospital in 2016


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Statistically poison has been a weapon of choice for women rather than men

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Only for suicide. There may have been more to it - patients asking to be euthanised, perhaps. Japan needs to consider a change to its assisted suicide laws.

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What a psycho.

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I'm sure there's going to be comments excusing her behavior. After all, there are misandrists who will make excuses for female criminals, esp if the victims were male.

And MJ, you are right. They use poison because they are cowards. It is easier to kill someone who is helpless such as senior citizens who are bedridden...rather than woman-up and go head to head. Cowards.

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Expat - that crossed my mind too, that the patient might have asked to be euthanized. But still, if the woman was intelligent enough to graduate from nursing school, she should be intelligent enough to know that you can't just euthanize someone without any legal authorization whatsoever.

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