Ex-PM Mori questioned over Tokyo Olympics corruption


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Mori is supposed to be the main target by the prosecutors for corruption charges. No surprise.

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Mori is the most powerful of them all.

He's not gonna admit wrongdoing.

The prosecutor will be fired for this.

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United by corruption...

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Mori? Say it ain't so!

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Former Prime Minister Yoshiro Mori, who headed the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics organizing committee, has been questioned by prosecutors on a voluntary basis over the corruption scandal involving a former executive of the body, sources close to the matter said Friday.

The prosecutors wanted to question Mori about a corruption case.

Mori invited them to this office to discuss their careers. (#sarcasm)

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A lawyer representing Mori declined to comment on the questioning by prosecutors, while a Kadokawa spokesman also declined to comment on its meeting with Mori.

If all defrauders, thieves of millions of yen could get by with a "no comment" to Japanese prosecutors and police, it would be a very different legal and economic landscape in Japan indeed.

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He can really claim, "I have no recollection of this..."

There was also a payment of US$1.3 million to a non-profit institute (!) run by former Japanese Prime Minister Yoshiro Mori, the current head of the Tokyo 2020 organising committee, as first reported by Japanese media.

Closed down after getting the money...very profitable!

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Mori is the scapegoat to the bad Olympigs. let him take the fail and the rest of LDP can breath easy. Kishida will take the fall for Abe's State Funeral and will be forced to resign with Aso stepping in to take leadership.

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Former PM Mori is "accused" of corruption?

More like the clear evidence of corruption is so massive and undeniable that even the LDP can't find a way to hush it up.

Lock this bloated, parasitical ghoul up.

Or, alternatively, watch him say "I have no knowledge of this" and walk free, with the news story disappearing in 10 days.

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This clown don't give a damn either way being old as dirt.

This guy was suspect from Day 1 going all the way back to his shortlived stint as PM.

They should make an example of him though.

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Please. He's been already retired.

Yes, but retired obviously isn't enough.

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”I didn’t do it”.

Ok thanks moving on.

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This crony is as crooked as a dog’s back leg. Even during his brief time in office he was surrounded by scandals. However, nothing will come of his questioning. He is one of the untouchables and has many underlings to throw under the bud.

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Mori, in his unofficial capacity as the LDP's darkside "capo di tutti capi", has always been "above the law". No chance of putting his likes in the dock.

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In criminology this is called the dilema of ( someone help me reminding thr name) where if the complices stay silence no one goes to prision, but if only one says the other is the guilty than they both go to prision, so its a matter of mindgames, or finding the money.

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"A woman must have put the money in my coat pocket after I paid her to talk to me at the cabaret, can't trust these talk all night types!" incoming.

No one is surprised by any of this. Unofficial "gifts" are so rife in Japanese business that basically everyone is on the take in some form or fashion if you are a manager or up. Its mostly just a matter of who if not when it gets exposed and if people care.

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Follow the money trail. No morals Mori!

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I’m sure he doesn’t remember what he ate for lunch never mind what bribes he received or what other corruption he partook in.

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Ex-PM Mori questioned over Tokyo Olympics corruption

This fool doesn’t know if he’s 85 or in 1885.

What are they questioning him for?

Of course he stole whatever money they are accusing him for.

Just lock him up or put ‘em in a bag or whatever they do with people already.

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Mori is the head of the corrupt gangs after Abe.

Additionally, it is very surprising to find out that it's extremely cheap to buy out the highest political elites in Japan. The Unification Church is the testament of such truth!

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Gomen nasai (with the obligatory bow). Okay, now let's move on.

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