Ex-policeman gets 22-year prison term for fatally shooting boss


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The question of his mental capacity and attitude is moot. He clearly knew what he was doing. Should have been the death penalty or at least life without parole!

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although this is good verdict, it makes me wonder how come the killer that killed and dismembered young girl not long ago gets only 8... ?

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So he was 19 years old when this happened.

Old enough to be a Police officer but too young to have his name revealed to the public because he’s still considered a “minor”.

What a conundrum.

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So this murder is the result of "harsh training"--let's call this what it is, bullying and power harassment. These stupid " bosses" have NO idea about how to effectively train someone without coming off as a complete mobster or monster, though another word beginning with "ass" is more appropriate. While not excusing the young man's action, this SHOULD be a wake up call in how police "train" recruits, but they are FAR too dense to have that level of insight!

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I don't understand Japanese justice.

Bullying, parental murders, train jumpers, suicide, meh.

A 19 year old is not yet an adult, trains with a seasoned police officer

and shoots him due to the abuse/stress, throw the book at him.

Confessions are frequently gotten through brutality,

one can only guess what kind of "training" this kid got...

His lawyer claimed the man was suffering from an adjustment disorder as he was under psychological stress due to undergoing strict training.

Yet the idea is disregarded, because he knew "where to aim his gun"?

Does anyone think this 19 year old would have done this under normal circumstances?

If I were that 20 year old, I would appeal.

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Maybe not a good idea for minors to have access to guns in Japan?

4 ( +6 / -2 )


or anywhere else for that matter!

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sheesh, we got anti gun activists here again.

he was a cop, shooting a cop , both need and should have access to guns.

the issues is not with the gun, but with mental health, bullying and police management oversight .

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It's funny, no one is even mentioning anything about the fact that the precinct has just lost two officers with one incident.

I wonder if the cops will now reconsider the training and handling of rookies. Meh, since this is Japan, probably not.

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He was not an 'ex' police officer at the time of the murder.

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The ex-policeman, whose name is being withheld because he was a minor at the time of the crime

This sentence just boggles the mind.

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Let me get this straight. A minor cop kills an adult cop and the minor cop is protected by law????????????????

Because he was underage?????? Mind boggling.

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I think that Japan police need to think about arming junior or probationary cops with guns, may be they should undergo special emotional and mental evaluation after a period of being in the police force, and then give them limited access to firearms ( under supervision ) and then after say 4 years of being in the police force, then allow them to have firearms.

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He is an ex minor, release his name

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@Brian, I doubt that would work. They need to have the same accoutrements as their colleagues at all times.

Hopefully the investigation/inquiry will lead to some positive changes in the training system to prevent a reoccurrence.

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There is something really crazy about Japan raising the age of adulthood to 20 nearly 2 years ago. About the only thing they can do as an adult is vote. They are still treated as a minor in the courts and not tried as an adult. They cannot drink or smoke. They cannot get married without parental consent. There are not adults. They are just voters.

I have no doubt the severity of this loon's sentence was only because he killed a cop. That idiot that killed a mother and daughter with his car while playing Pokemon Go got 22 months for a double murder.

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