Ex-ruling party lawmaker fined ¥1 mil over political fund scandal


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He will be rearing his ugly face when he thinks the plebs have forgotten about his misdeeds.

That is page 2 from the LDP playbook.

Page 1 is to have family members who are made men(true LDP blue-bloods).

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If anything the fine will make other corrupt politicians more likely to do the same, the risk is just a small fraction of the money illicitly gained, it makes it seem like a risk-free business.

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How come he doesn't get jail time? How come none of them get jail time?

If someone robs a Bento from a convenience store in Japan they throw the book at them and yet when white collar criminals embezzle money, commit insider trading or cronyism gaining millions of yen of tax payers money the only get a fine?

Another example of how justice systems the world over seem to disproportionately punish the poor whilst allowing wealthier criminals to continue to gain the system.

Not sure how Japan can claim to have a fair and just system, if that was the case Abe and his cronies would have been in jail instead he gets a state funeral at the tax payers expense.... what a joke.

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So, at least ¥49M that he underreported and likely pocketed, and he gets fined 1/50th of that. Oh, the pain!

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Oh well, that money will have to come from somewhere else.

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Is there anyone who will stand up for him and for this "justice"? I'd personally love to hear them.

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he f....ed away 41mil from our taxes get 1 mil "penalty" to pay and get 3 yrs break from public eye?

as I have expected.

guy will enjoy his golden 3 years now and enjoy his "hard earned money"...

Fumio dont you feel SHAME?

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