Ex-secretary of LDP Diet member arrested over ¥100 mil heist


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A politician with a 100million yen cash in a safe, oh no , please tell me that's not true. I think maybe the wrong person is in jail.

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He ‘was’ not a politician. He ‘was’ a public servant. However, that point is not really so relevant because he ‘is’ now a convicted serial thief.

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No different from anyone else in the LDP. Just a different and more direct way of stealing, that's all

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That's one down and 400 and something more to go

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¥100 million? How many paper bags of cash secretly passed from toilet stall to toilet stall is that?

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Birds of a feather....

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Who gets and hoards that amount of cash at home?

We will never get to know as investigative journalism isn’t a facet of reporting here.....

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