Ex-SoftBank worker arrested over alleged illegal transfer of 5G info


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I find this interesting. Now, we see Cannibalism of companies at its finest. Money talks I guess....

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This people only know how to copy&paste.

With 2 or 3 smart engineers and a month of research you could implement 5G.

There's a real need of qualified workers.

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in violation of Japan's unfair competition prevention law

in other words, any competition....?

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This article missed a very important point about non-disclosure agreements. Most prudent IT companies require staff as well as business partners to sign non-disclosure agreements when hired. Softbank Corp probably does. Is this what the "in violation of Japan's unfair competition prevention law", according to Tokyo police" refers to? It sounds like there was no NDA agreement if the focus is on the unfair competition law.

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So Softbank suspects and one fall guy is put into the justice system with full name displayed, without any single indication of any evidence of what is blamed to Rakuten ?

Rings me a bell on another famous case...

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I always suspected Rakuten Mobile was shady business.

From their appalling customer service to the many fraudulent items on their online store. They just seemed like a company that cuts corners and would do anything for a buck.

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I would like to know why AU remains so high vs the competition? Others have dropped rates.

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AU is offering the lowest rates.

KDDI/Okinawa cellular = AU

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