Ex-SoftBank worker thought Russians he gave info to might be spies


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Nothing like selling your country for a few thousand dollars. I would need at least double that.

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He thought they might be spies? Duh....

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He thought they might be spies that's why he knew to offer them information for money, wining and dining, and the affections of beautiful Russian women

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"I had thought that they might be spies," 

Gees! I wonder what gave him that idea? He is approached by Russian nationals at a trade fair and asked to provide corporate secrets in exchange for cash? What a load of crap! He was in the loop and knew exactly what he was doing.

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The way of approaching him "accidentally on purpose" is a typical technique used by Russian spies, they said.

I had just read an article saying because Russia was paying so much to employ so many intelligence operatives engaged in various aspects of cyberspying and cyberwarfare that for budgetary reasons it had reduced the number of spies on the ground in foreign countries. I guess the article was wrong.

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OK.... so what do you think, or how do you think the Russian's wanted to use the information they got from this guy? My guess.... they were trying to figure out ways to tap into monitoring phone conversations and text messages. Or... in the event they were to invade Japan, have a way to disable communications. I'm sure they must be checking on DoCoMo also.... chances are there were breaches there too.

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I have no doubt they had kompromat on him.

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Bingo there Saiko

First step invading someplace, take out Communication.

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I hope Japan throws the book at this traitor.

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“Through Japan's Foreign Ministry, the police have requested that the Russian Embassy present the two officials for questioning.”

Good luck with that.

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I'm more interested in the type of data released than anything else.

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You can be sure that this dude enjoyed the company of Russian ladies and didn't check for cameras ...

Nobody is dumb enough to give that to 2 random Russians for a few hundreds of thousands of yen.

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Blackmail was used most likely. Probably some really incriminating evidence. The Russians had evidence to force this Japanese man's actions.

A few hundred thousands is nothing considering his position at that he would be risking.

Can some say "Honey pot"?

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On the news just now they were saying that the Russians used false names from fake companies, and left no way for contacting them.

All communication was done by mouth, instructing him when and where to next meet. Several hundred thousand yen were handed over each time.

Spies? Surely not............................

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It's called honesty in adversity, expat, maybe hoping for bonus leniency points.

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