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Ex-Tokio pop group member released after arrest for drunken driving


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Prosecutors didn't want him to get bailed. Now police is registering his apartment.

Whatta freak show!

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Another alcohol related crime for him and many others in Japan and around the world..... ;(

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Yamaguchi should be very careful, this is a second alcohol related offence, the chances for a third and/or fourth... are very high and might be even worse accidents/offence.

Yamaguchi san, stop alcohol, it is haunting you.

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Johnny & Associates terminated his contract in 2018 for forcibly kissing a female high school student, who he met through work, at his home.

Yikes. I remember this incident as well.

He said at a press conference in 2018 that he had consumed alcohol at the time of the incident.

Yamaguchi needs to get his goofy butt to an AA meeting yesterday. This is his 2nd run-in with the law and all because of alcohol.

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So...it's official - he's an alcoholic.

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He is claiming to have had only 5~6 glasses of shochu, over a span of 3 hours beginning at nine o'clock PM. Police have conducted a search of his apartment and have confiscated a 1.8 liter container of mugi shochu, and his motorcycle.

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"I was aware that I had some alcohol left in me. I didn't think I would get caught as long as I didn't have an accident,"

Why people who drink think this way is beyond belief, yet it continues to happen and then reality hits because the actually did something stupid simply put they were drunk.

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He is claiming to have had only 5~6 glasses of shochu

Only 5 or 6 glasses?

That shochu is pretty powerful stuff.

I can hold a fair bit of the hard stuff, but just one (largish) shot of the 40 proof kokuto shochu we brought back from holiday and an hour later I was close to catatonic. That stuff hits the places other booze doesn't reach.

Tasty, mind.

Why people who drink think this way is beyond belief

Most people who have had a drink are sensible enough to let someone else do the driving. It's those who get stupid-drunk who think they aren't really drunk at all.

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Nothing wrong with drinking and driving if you are not drunk and don’t hurt anybody/or accident or cause a problem, some say. In modern western countries a glass of wine is fine with lunch.

but he broke all three. No excuse.

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What did I say? Because he was a celebrity, he goes home! If either you or me did the same thing, we'd not even make the newspaper.

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It was drink driving, hasn't killed anyone. Movie length feature about on TV this morning.. sheesh

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Not much different from most drunk drivers here.

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