Ex-top bureaucrat appeals 6-year sentence for killing son


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Wow. Over 30 wounds on the victim's body and the guy is out on bail. And appealing a measly 6 year sentence. Wow.

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And they let him out on bail? Almost seems like they want to give him a chance to kill himself.

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How much of the insurance money did this white collar criminal receive from his son's death. hhmmmm

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How much of the insurance money did this white collar criminal receive from his son's death. hhmmmm

The killer can not receive insurance money.

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The defense had sought a suspended sentence, claiming Kumazawa had long supported his eldest son, who had a developmental disorder, and that the son's violence at home was behind the murder. Prosecutors had sought an eight-year term.

Given that the prosecutors had only sought an 8 year sentence and he got 6 years rather than the suspended sentence he was looking for, he probably told his lawyers that there is really little downside to an appeal.

He probably figures that the worst that could happen is getting sentenced to 8 years instead of 6 years on appeal. And he is playing the odds that he will get something far less.

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Found guilty of murder but let out on bail? When a foreigner, Govinda Mainali, was found innocent of murder he was not released from prison in case the state wanted to appeal. One law for vice ministers and another for foreigners.

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Thats call unfair.

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The high court made a rare decision to grant bail to a defendant who had been given an unsuspended jail term for murder.

Isn't that parole, then?

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While one can sympathize to an extent with the difficulties the man and his family must have faced in trying to deal with a son like he had, six years is far too lenient as it is for murdering one's own child. And it's not like he just strangled the guy or stabbed him or what have you, it was premeditated and he stabbed him more than 30 times! I honestly hope it's possible the court throws away his appeal and adds another ten years. Clearly the guy is mental if he thinks he can get away with murder.

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