Ex-top bureaucrat gets 6 years for murdering reclusive son due to fear of violence


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Such a sad story,no matter the length of the penalty he got.

This man will live forever with the guilt of killing his own flesh.

Though mental illness should be acknowledged and the families that have such ill people in house need social welfare help and proper support.

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Mental health is this country is far from ideal, and mental health care and support is sorely lacking and often leaves people with little or no options.

Sad for all in this case and many others in similar situations.

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Sad as can be, but the truth is when one can hire a great attorney that can twist a tale around one can smell like a rose. There were things that could have been done to get a situation to this state, the ex beauacratic could have left to seek and bring help before things escalated to death threats.

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76 years old.... 6 years hopefully will not be a death sentence!

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Japanese society has to change. It should be more open and relaxed. It is like a military. The society must give chances and freedom to individuals. Reclusives are victims of the rigid and illiberal society. For Japanese, life is a hard thing not to enjoy.

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What is one suppose to do with bullying sons ???.

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A dab situation all round. A lack of resources in society to deal with mental health issues combined with a cultural disinclination to openly admit and discuss such issues has exacerbated it. Having said that perhaps some tough love earlier on, kicking the son out when he got violent and threatening might have averted this death.

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What is one suppose to do with bullying sons ???. 'bout starting with kicking him out the house when he was younger? They spoilt him and look what had to happen.Consequences and repercussions.
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Well, that was expected.

They spoilt him

They probably didn't. The son was bullied at elite junior high school as a teen and his fits of violence started then.

tough love earlier on, kicking the son out when he got violent

He was 13, so tough love, he got just that. He needed school's educator's support, medical and familial love at that time, 30 years ago. Instead, the family 'managed' the case by taking him out of school, hiding him, having him stay in one of their houses all his life. He never recovered mentally.

What is one suppose to do with bullying sons ???.

It's a tough question, but don't wait 3 decades to get help. It's not the kind of issues that just disappears.

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Only in Japan will a 76 yr old man get the best of a 44 yr old man.

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Hi, hello, please do not worry, the Japanese judiciary system is very kind, with the Japanese person, they say 6 years, but..with good behavior, will be out in one year.

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As I said in a previous note about the case , my 22 year olds brother suffers a metal disorder, and apart from extreme love my mum and I give him, we have contacted welfare authorities to support us in his treatment. He's a lovely person who does his best to carry on with life and we're proud of him. I think of this man as a poor man who saw no other escape, I don't want to judge him, but murder is never OK.

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Like I said in a previous thread:

Japanese culture would benefit by encouraging able able body adult children to move out. Especially, if you are a big family living in a small place.

> Man arrested over murder of sister and her 3-year-old son in Saitama

Taking care of small immature children is a handful. Taking care of immature grown &*+ children is even harder when you are elderly.

I dated a woman who had a younger adult brother who was a recluse (NEET). He was far too old to be staying with his parents and not working. He still got an allowance! He would drink and hangout with friends all day then he picked on the parents when he was drunk. He was spoiled!

The father was a successful architect before he retired. Eventually, the parents in fear for their safety used part of his inheritance to buy him a place far from them in another prefecture. He actually chose the location. He wanted to surf. It is quite a beautiful nice place and free for him! He still doesn't work, but receives allowance from them. The moment that he got his new place. He has been trying to move back home. The parents invited their grandchildren both university students to move in their place, so he wouldn't have a room to stay.

Apparently, the parents have been happy since he moved out, but they still fear his return.

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One wonders what sort of parental support the son had when younger. Chances are it was very little if his father was a high-ranking diplomat in the 80s and 90s.

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why do most murders happen among the family in Japan?

here in my country most murders happen because of drugs. It is strange to me this kind of behavior.

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*"the strong intention to kill," as there were more than 30 wounds found on his son's body.*

That’s called overkill. We all know from psych 101 that it indicates rage.

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Psychological problems in Japan abound!

I wonder if Mr a Kumazawa ever spent time talking with his son?

I have met kids in Japan that are given

everything and play internet games until the early hours-they rarely meet their ‘busy’ fathers and grow up maladjusted...

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Psychological problems in Japan abound!

Not just in Japan. All over the planet. And the pseudosciences of psychology and psychiatry can do nothing about it!

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A sad story from all angles, but you can't let the guy off for murder. He should have helped his son ages ago, not let him hide at home and let his isolation and aggression build, and not seek more help from outside. He didn't quietly put his son down, he stabbed him in the throat and watched him bleed out. As sorry the sad situation the man helped create for himself and his family, he could not have been let off with anything less than jail time, and quite frankly even six years is not enough. It should have been life; murder is murder.

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