Ex-top prosecutor to face summary indictment over gambling


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The 64-year-old escaped indictment in July as prosecutors decided he had admitted to the gambling and received social sanctions.

Receiving "social sanctions" for a legal violation. Maybe next time someone is prosecuted for growing an illegal botanical species this can be a sentencing option.

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clear VIP treatment to 1st class citizens.

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I hope I can use 'social sanctions' when I'm arrested. Perhaps my sentence will be between four weeks or one month, my choice. (I'd choose February if the latter.)

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If he broke the law he should be prosecuted, the more so because of his position. With greater power comes greater responsibility.

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Isn't "one month" and "four weeks" more or less the same thing?

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Japan has the highest gambling addiction in the world, so they might as well fine 50% of the population. This morning at the lotto shop, the elderly woman in front of me, her unroadworthy small car and second hands clothes, spent ¥30000 on tickets. Then I went to park in the pachinko free parking to go shopping, but no spaces.

he may be a prosecutor, but is also just a normal bloke.

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'Suspended sentence' if even that.

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not only gambling, but doing so with main newspaper reporters, and received gifts from them over years time.

not to mention that the reporters were not prosecuted.

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Besides the upcoming fine, his career is over and he will be forced to retire. I noted that part - "his gambling with reporters when Japan was under a state of emergency due to the novel coronavirus pandemic" is yet another example of how leaders in Japan did not take seriously any of the restrictions they were imposing on the rest of us.

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