Ex-trade minister Sugawara fined ¥400,000 over gift scandal


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He should have been fined at least triple the amount he spent on corrupt activities, not 50% of that amount. What a joke.

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400,000 yen? That's roughly the salary of an ordinary mortal, not a politician. To give such a low fine for corruption is downright mockery. Of course he "seriously and deeply regrets". I am sure he made few deep bows. He will be fine in a year or two and everything will be forgiven.

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Much ado about nothing. In those circles that is only a lump sum, comparable with a pocket money for pre-schoolers. And in addition, if you have a short true look on this you can easily comprehend that you just cannot influence any election result by giving some flowers and a little money to a few local groups and 28 closer friends who would elect you probably anyway. The influence of such a practice in regard to difference in election results is not detectable or not statistically relevant at all.

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About 3000 Euros? That must be a misprint. I understand that the maximum fine under the Summary Indictment procedure is limited by the statutes, but this is still lower than the maximum. Perhaps they took pity on him because he is currently unemployed?

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He should be charged with accepting bribes and terminated, end of story !

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For a sec there I forgot which country I was in and thought I saw $400,000.

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A lousy 4mm? Ha ha ha!

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Pfft…that’s probably a fortnight’s pay for him.

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This thing keeps happening so frequently that people should not be blamed from thinking it is actually fine to do it.

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Tip of the iceberg I reckon. These things usually are. Probably been engaged in such activities his entire career. Just never got caught.

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The Tokyo Summary Court has also ordered suspension of Sugawara's right to vote or run for public office for three years.

I don't understand how the author forgot that the law is 5 years but was reduced to 3 without any

explanation from the judges.

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