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Ex-U.S. base worker admits rape but denies intent to kill Okinawan woman


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Seems to me this guy is done for.

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More interesting would be how many were law students, lawyers or similar.

IME, they make up a large part of the audience.

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"hitting her on the head with a bar, he stabbed her in the neck with a knife so she would not resist: really that kind of wound wouldn't kill someone, please, he knew full well the circumstances and actions of what he was doing fully well. No excuses and man up to the crime he committed and face the music is what he should do. What father out there wouldn't wring this guys neck themselves or worse make him suffer in agony and torture and die slowly, then throw his carcass like a piece of garbage, just saying for those fathers out there who care about their daughters. I am not viewing this as anti - base sentiment but rather the brutal rape and murder of an innocent young girl.  The media should keep the story to just the facts of the case and leave the anti base out of this as it is tasteless and not worthy of real reporting.

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And the pain and grief of Okinawa continues. Desperately sad.

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""The murder case has sparked (Major) native public anger"

I saw on the web where a US black guy was approached-putting it mildly, for what happened in this case , although he had nothing to do with it. Also in the video he said after that scary incident he went to Singapore. "

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There’s the law. And then there’s justice. The two don’t always completely match. My hope is that justice is done. Bloody rapist. I really liked Nicholson’s mature comment.

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He's not going to get the death penalty, but I wouldn't be one bit surprised if he received a life sentence, which on the surface seems appropriate for the crime he committed, admittedly or otherwise, but the cops have not been able to find the suitcase that they are saying he brought to put the body in, even though they have been spent literally thousands of man-hours searching for it.

If he was a Japanese citizen the most he'd probably get is 15 to 20, going to be interesting to hear what he gets!

0 ( +4 / -4 )

I seriously hope he gets a life sentence.

5 ( +5 / -0 )

Sad to have to read all of this. However, he will be far better off in a Japanese prison versus an American prison. It will be very interesting to see what he gets. Sadly, everyone loses today.

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the guys an ex marine, trained killer. surely he knows what he did is wrong. no need for defense. just confess and stop making everything worst.

7 ( +8 / -1 )

Its time to negotiate scrapping out SOFA. When GIs and ex GIs using business disappear,,,, Okinawans. People can walk. outside safely.

3 ( +5 / -2 )

However, he will be far better off in a Japanese prison versus an American prison.

do you really care where he’ll be better off? That’s sad, then.

And I don’t even care if he’s a convicted murderer yet.

3 ( +4 / -1 )

The fact he uses American fifth amendment type 'Mokuhi-ken' indicates he had intention of murder.

2 ( +4 / -2 )

We all hate to hear this : Depending upon his punishment, the scumbag must do a third of a life sentence to qualify for Prisoner Transfer to the US . Let’s hope the lay judges understand that fact. Important Points 

Transfers can take 2 years or longer from the time the process begins. 

The prisoner, the Government of Japan and the U.S. government must all agree to the transfer. If one of the three says “No,” the transfer will not occur.

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He admits rape but denies intent to kill, that's false statement, most of the murders say that from the attorney advice. But most of those rapers kill the victim not to be found as criminal, bc the victim can go to tell the police. Easy to know what criminals have in mind.

1 ( +2 / -1 )

The phrase “open & shut case” applies here. 1) assualt with a deadly weapon (iron bar) 2) aggravated assault “violent rape” 3) Death as a result of the afore-to-mentioned actions. My compassion, is for the victim’s remaining family - there is none for the Rapist period. His actions have added to the growing list of damages done to the United States our Military and the Okinawan population and GOJ relationships.

5 ( +6 / -1 )

remember 99% conviction rate when it goes to trial,,,

Yeh I remember that because someone writes it on every story, even when the accused is as guilty as can be. I'm beginning to think there's some bot that looks for the word "trial" and posts this 99% thing automatically.

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His actions have added to the growing list of damages done to the United States our Military and the Okinawan population and GOJ relationships.

Japan and America need each other. These types of major crimes and the numerous petty crimes and slights make it hard for the Japanese people to see the bigger and very considerable shared interests. America is suffering from a cultural collapse that has been ongoing for the last 60 years that has poisoned its position in the world - most notably with allies like Japan.

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One of the very few times I support the death penalty.

"But you support murder to teach people not to murder?"

Yes, I support the murder of a rapist and a murderer. I don't support the murder of innocents, which is what Kenneth did.

0 ( +1 / -1 )

this is pretty much one of the huge reasons why I don't support troops stationed in Japan. Sure you can argue we're there to protect Japan and uphold international law, but the fact is US troops are still American and not Japanese; And the reputation of our military and country is tarnished and muddied up by the acts these individuals cause on the locals. We wouldn't like if theoretically Mexico stationed troops in our land and caused the same mess would we? Knowing us American, we already would be in the middle of the process of throwing foreign invaders from our land. The same can be applied to the Japanese, once they have a fully functional military why would they want to extend our land lease indefinitely?

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I wasn't trying to kill her, I just stabbed her in the neck multiple times to calm her down. Stupid.

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Given the guys name at first I thought Kenneth Franklin Shinzato was an American of Japanese decent. Turns out that he is also known as Gadson and is a black American. Shinzato appears to be his Japanese ex-wife’s name. A little more detail on this guy here:


Shinzato had a family in Okinawa at the time of the incident but got divorced afterward.

There is more to his story than just some gaijin fresh off the boat but this JT article gives scant information on his background.

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I would like to limit or eliminate private US contractors in Japan. Soldiers can be better controlled with military court martial, and we can use heavy sentences to deter this type of behavior. Ex-soldiers as private contractors are not as accountable for their actions.

Be careful what you wish for. The elimination of US troops in Japan would lead to a military Japan with some of the same dangers inherent as before the war. In a society that does not public debate, I am afraid that until subconscious feelings are brought out and addressed, there is still danger. I worry about the friction between the Asian countries. The US military presence insulates Japan from Korea and China which are both still highly sensitive about World War Two.

However, I would like to see Japan less reliant on foreign powers for their own defense.

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" In a society that does not public debate"

Yep, on many levels.

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Contractors are easier to fry then military members. The second they are arrested, or even accused of a crime, they are canned by their company, and lose SOFA status along with any additional protections that would be afforded to military members.

I seriously hope hope this guy swings too. The BS his lawyer put out is laughable, and a desperate attempt to show his client as insane. I'm glad this trial wasn't moved out of Okinawa, maybe there will be some real justice.

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defendant not in photo

-1 ( +0 / -1 )

Defendant is outside hall waiting to be called. One or two armed court sheriff guard. They protect defendant from angry crowd's attack.

-1 ( +0 / -1 )

Oh look, another case of 'look at the barbaric American'. This guy needs to be made an example of, I have no sympathy.

In the US, if someone dies as a result of the commision of a crime, the perpetrator can be charged with their murder, regardless if he 'meant to kill them' or not. I hope the same can be applied in Japan.

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They protect defendant from angry crowd's attack.

Don't, you are going to pop the bubble that too many people have that Okinawan's never get angry or violent!

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@yubaru: then why defendants are never inside of the court before his testimony time comes? You are hoping your fellow former GI will not be convicted or given Death Sentence.

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One side of criminal court is for handcuffed criminal. Another side is for. witness, etc.

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So, both sides of halls are used. This is Jury trial.. Guilty in this case may mean death sentence easily.

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He is an American who knows that in USA, criminal can keep his mouth shut. In Japan, speaking igives better impression... His public defender has not been doing better job. Sometimes, when crime is too vicious, defense lawyers can't work well against prosecuting attorneys. Okinawa is under Japanese jurisdiction just like other 'prefectures. Let wait to know what kind of verdict wild be given..

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Jurors selection will begin.

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