Ex-worker at nursing home arrested for drowning 83-year-old resident


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They need to employ adequate and properly trained staff at these places, unfortunately many people who work as carers do it because they can't find anything else.

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The facilities also need to hire adequate numbers of staff and give them reasonable workloads and pay. I'm not blaming them for this though, this guy had a screw loose.

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Ladeez n' gennulmen. Introducing Japan's boom crime of the 21st century. The conditions are perfect. An endless supply of elderly people, countless underpaid and woefully under qualified 'care workers' and unscrupuous, money grabbing 'care home' owners only too happy to fleece families of their money for their elderly loved ones 'care' while they pay virtually minimum wage for the poor sods who actually have to do the 'caring'. To paraphrase Morgan Freeman in Se7en, you can expect more of these...

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Prologue to "the lessening"

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Dude If you hate your job so much than why don't you quit?! I don't understand what you were thinking, like can you imagine if that's your own grandparents your taking care of and you did this to them ... what morale does this person even have ?

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agree with @luddite. people who work for such a pittance are desperate to survive. i care for a dementia relative and it is hard. job prospects are basically, combini or retirement home if you don't have a degree, or building site if you are young and strong.

but...murder? no excuse.

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