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Experts see Korean parallels in Sony hack


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So now Sony should put out a movie named after Kim Jong Un and break even more rules. Maybe the pudgy un will do us all a favor and have a stroke. His blood pressure seems to get elevated over nothing.

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"the attackers knew the Internal network of Sony.” He said the malware contained coded names of Sony servers, user names and passwords." A spy working at Sony it seems.

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yokattaDec. 05, 2014 - 08:57AM JST "the attackers knew the Internal network of Sony.”

Might be the result of disgruntal ex-employee of Sony. Sony laid off tons of quality engineers and programmers in the last ten years with the vast knowledge of their operations. Some are working for the competitors or Korean companies.

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North Korea? Really? Did you see their rocket launch command center a couple of months ago? They have no such capability. This is inside work me thinks.

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It would be very surprising if it wasn't an insder attack. To have that much data leak out through your network and not notice it would mean Sony's security is just incompetent.

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What a hassle for North Korea just to download some movies ;)

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N.Korea and Iran join the rank with China in using cyber attacks as weapon among their arsenals.

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What did you expect from North Korea? Come on Sony Corporation, when he bad guy lives in your neighborhood and stars making threats against you, don't leave the office door (network) unlocked when you go home at night. Lazy corporations do this all the time. You get the security you pay for.

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Kim Jong Un now owns all your Playstations

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He stressed that he had no conclusions about North Korean involvement in the Sony episode, adding that the notion of a government attack as retaliation for a movie is just weird.

I'm sure, due to the Noreans having such an advanced level of humor and jocularity wanted to get their hands on the next big one. They produce some of the funniest comedies in the world, as you know.

This time their boy Un is in a stomach splitting laugh-a-thon and I can picture everyone gathered around the trash can fires, drinking and laughing all night till the morning dawn.

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Sony Pictures Entertainment is based in USA. My guess is that someone cioied entire memory of targetted comouter into flush drive for hacking. Then he.she puts in his/her pocket to take out. ore likely someone inside of Sony in USA.

Anyone whoi are trained in IT l can do if target computer is nearby. It does not take too long as computers are speedy. now. So my guess is insider.

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