Eyewitness videos proving useful to police, but experts warn of risks


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When there was no footage from the store's security camera, (the video) revealed the situation at the time and helped our investigations," an investigative source said.

I find it REALLY hard to believe that a high end jewelry store in Ginza didnt have security cameras in place. And if they really didnt, they were asking to be ripped off!

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Know a guy down here who got ¥3,000, from the police, for a 30 second, or so video, of a traffic accident, that happened in a location where there are no cameras. The cops were really happy with the guy for sharing, as it looked like, according to shared information, a "he said/she said" who is at guilt situation, but the video identified who was guilty 100%.

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Many cases remain unsolved in Japan

thanks now we have many camera everywhere even bystanders bring camera in their pocket today.

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"We would not recommend an individual record video when there is danger, such when a person with a knife is at the scene," 

So....if you see something (a knife point robbery, a kidnapping, drug activity, house robbery, a murder suspect fleeing the scene, a hit and run accident, sexual assault) in a place where has no cameras or out of street camers view, I should do nothing? Ok! Got it! I will look towards the sky and whistle whilst I walk away!

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"We are thankful for the courageous acts (of filming the crime scene) but the preservation of life is the most important thing," the official added.

Right. The Police don't want you to create a video especially when people ask why the Police are not around to actually catch the criminals or to see the Police doing something wrong. Nice try.

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"Tokyo has led authorities to warn bystanders against recording videos of ongoing crimes"

IMO: uh I dont know about that, some J-5 ohs asked someone I met at the club could they see his private sec footage, then entered his apt, to view it although there were neighborhood city cameras around.

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Well, the advice is only advice

I’ll always whip out my phone i see something untoward going down

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Not a violent crime, but a few years ago, I took a dashcam video (1920 x 1080) of a late evening car crash to the local police station, showing a car swerve across the road and having a head-on collision with a car coming in the opposite direction. It resulted in 4 people going to hospital, and 2 damaged cars.

First, the police showed mimimal interest until another member of the public said 'Wow - such detail - can you zoom in?', then I was told to come back later with it.

Second, when I did return later, they did not know how to upload it from a USB stick (!), so they asked me to upload it to their PC.

Can't fax video!!!

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Have to say about the robbery video from Ginza, the woman towards the end of the video, trying to shut the door of the shop a couple of times, and the thieves running out past her, was either brave as hell or just plain stupid.

My vote is for the stupid!

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Agree people should focus on self awareness instead of pulling out the camera first. It can be helpful afterwards but just use common sense.

Now if we can the Japanese media to stop blurring faces of criminals caught on camera. Especially these days everything is spread online first. No need to blur a face we’ve all seen days before the news picks it up

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I recently got busted by a car cam. It seems to me as an invasion of my freedom of privacy for people to film me in 4K without my consent.

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Luckily these videos are good at prosecuting the police as well,especialy when they choke people to death !

Recently in the UK the police were caught out when they denied chasing two teenagers on a e-scooter which resulted in the teens dying !! ....then members of the public came forward with their own video evidence and the police had to back track with their LIES.

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RodneyToday  11:52 am JST

I recently got busted by a car cam. It seems to me as an invasion of my freedom of privacy for people to film me in 4K without my consent.

What, your privacy to commit crimes in public???

Yeah makes sense.....

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Too many silly buggers filming everything everywhere, gets on my bleeding nerves you see. Where I live is near a tourist area. All the time buffoons walking a round with those beastly selfie stick things getting in decent people’s way. Those types aren’t interested in helping the police just getting likes on social media, being popular and making money. It’s a sad sign of our times when it’s come to this is isn’t it.

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A recent robbery at a high-end watch store on a busy street in central Tokyo has led authorities to warn bystanders against recording videos of ongoing crimes for their own safety, despite the footage often being valuable to police investigations.

The police and security can't be everywhere. What do people do when there's a robbery in broad daylight? Just mind their own business? That's ridiculous.

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Having a strong sense of their civil duty is fine, but when coupled with terribly bad awareness of the risks of being close to a crime this can lead to tragedy. At least someone got worried enough to warn people about doing things only after prioritizing their own safety.

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