'Fake' doctor who examined 2,300 patients arrested


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A temp staffer, eh? This is what happens when you outsource skilled professions to the lowest bidder.

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'Fake' doctor who examined 2,300 patients arrested

Then quickly offered a job with the Tokyo Police department.

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The hospital where he worked has apologised for the incident and asked all those seen by him to go back for re-testing.

1) Will they get a refund?

2) Will their retests by ANY different?

Both answers, I suspect, are no.

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Things like this happen in the 3rd world but then my local hospital feels like that so I'm not surprised.

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Patch Adams

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I'd like to see some of the so-called real 'doctors' I've had the misfortune to encounter arrested for gross negligence and not knowing basic medicine (antibiotics prescribed for viral infections etc....)!

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What's the name of the hospital ?????

This is happening more frequently.

Hey more information JT !!!!

If he's wearing eyeglasses and has the face of a preying mantis. I want to go back and get re-examined.

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They better contact the 2,300 people concerned in person rather than suggesting to come again, so that there are nothing overseen in those tests. ...or else they will be looking at big lawsuits.

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Who mentioned Patch Adams? He is a real doctor who is involved in free clinics, also a clown. No comparison.

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The latest news is that he was also a lecturer at a number of prep schools for getting into iryo-yobiko (I think it means nursing schools). Popular with the students.

Give the guy a break. He probably only got caught because he did a better job than the regular doctors.

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Patch Adams is more than a real doctor! Hay, we are talking about 2,300 "registered victims" here...oops! Shinjirarenaiyo!

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So who did the credentials checking? Just take a piece of paper or copy of a piece of paper and that's it? If so... how many more "fake" doctors are out there?

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Whiskeysour san. In Japanese language media the hospital was identified as Takashimadaira Chuo Sogo Byoin, Itabashi-ku. Since I am an Itabashi resident, I know where it is.

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Wow! Nice piece of journalism. Besides the guy's name and crime I would think the bloody hospital would be pertinent info to include for anyone who has seen a dcotor in Tokyo in the past year!

I would have to place blame on the hospital and employment agnecy (perhaps the reason for the lack of info here???) here for not verifying his degree. Sure, it's a hoop to jump through and Jpanese privacy laws make it strangely more difficult to do than in other countries but it is standard practice for many less critical fields.

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Did he go quack quack when he examined the patients?

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Scumbag needs mental check-up, he could have killed someone even if it was unintentionally!!

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Sad thing is that patients couldn't distinguish between the standard of care they normally received at hospital from qualified doctors and what this guy did to them.

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"He was dispatched by an employment agency to a Tokyo hospital"

Is it a common practice in Japan that hospital hires its doctors through employment agency?

Does it mean that the doctor is temporarily hired (contractual employment)?

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Metanoia, I am wondering the same....more "Hello Work"? Hope it was a higher level agency. Still, they were duped and now they are caught. How many more?

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Fake Doctor Who? Curse you, McCoy!

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I hope none of the 2,300 persons he saw is dead or really sick due to him now. The hospital should be prepared for lawsuits as well. I hope and pray that some of the quacks (&Drs) Ive seen are all legit.

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Temporary Agency for doctors and we thought the employment situation was bad in the United States.

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I wonder if he was any good?

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Catch me if you can and they did. Somehow, it seems that most foreigners are not satisfied with the doctors they see here. I can understand how they feel. Having had medical experience myself and being around doctors and nurses for several years, my own encounters as a patient here have been more or less mediocre. I've even had to suggest my own medication to the doctor which he agreed on. So I suppose having so many physicians with so so ability, it's no wonder a guy could masquerade as a real one for so long. I only have thumbs up for the medical insurance cost.

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