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Father, 4-year-old daughter found dead in suspected murder-suicide


Police in Itami, Hyogo Prefecture, said Monday that the bodies of a 40-year-old man and his 4-year-old daughter were found in their home on Sunday night, in what appears to be a murder-suicide.

According to police, at around 7:30 p.m., an emergency phone call was placed by a 38-year-old woman, saying that she had been unable to reach her ex-husband, Kohei Takeda, Fuji TV reported. When officers arrived at Takeda's apartment, they found him and his daughter Yuri dead. Yuri had been strangled by a necktie and Takeda had hanged himself with another necktie from the steel bar of exercise equipment.

The woman who contacted police had divorced Takeda in November 2016 and had custody of Yuri. Takeda had been granted one day a month to be with Yuri and Sunday was the first day she was allowed to visit him since her parents' divorce. Yuri was supposed to be with her father until 5 p.m.

Police said there were no signs of anyone else having been in the apartment and suspect Takeda killed his daughter and then himself.

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STOP trying to take others with you, people! Poor little girl... all because of some selfish clown who thought he knew what was better for others. I can't understand why men and women do this to their children or other family members.

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STOP trying to take others with you people!

All of them have achieved the desired aim people.

unusual to read that a divorced couple in this country (the one with custody) had allowed the other party access to the child.

-1 ( +1 / -2 )

Malicious coward.

2 ( +5 / -3 )

RIP little one. That sucks. No sympathy for the father at all. Kill yourself and be done with it, not your kids. Hopefully he will not even be honored with a funeral.

2 ( +5 / -3 )

No doubt this was motivated by some kind of revenge against the mother. It's a pretty common scenario both in Japan and abroad. Divorce is always a nasty business when kids are involved and it's always the kids that get hurt. She didn't deserve to die just to satisfy his need for revenge. Killing him self would be been more honorable.

4 ( +5 / -1 )

Well this will do wonders now for fathers trying to get child custody. I don't wish anyone ill harm, but if you are going to harm yourself, do it alone. Do not make others suffer for your selfishness.

7 ( +7 / -0 )

You'd have to hate your wife (and probably yourself) very deeply in order to do that. How pathetic some humans are.

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The real problem here that it was planned all along. He committed this inhumanity on THE FIRST day he was allowed to visit her. This is not murder-suicide. This is a murder and a suicide. He took child's life from everyone else due to his mental instability, cowardice and insanity. I wish I could say this could be prevent, I wish I could...

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So wrong, RIP little girl, I'm sorry you didn't understand why the person you though loved you did this.

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I can understand people who want to die because life itself is unbearable and I harbor no ill will toward them even if my train is late. On the other hand people who top themselves because they don't want to deal the consequences of their shitty actions are the lowest. This piece of scum's actions show the lowest form of human behaviour. A loser who kills his own child to make his ex unhappy and then escapes the retribution through suicide. Pure scum. No-one will remember this maggot.

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How come when a woman kills 3 of her kids people here are so quick to defend her as sick and not getting the proper help from society, but when it is a guy he is just some scum trying to get revenge? Don't you see the double standard? It is very likely this is not some revenge killing, but rather the father got sick in the head from not seeing his daughter since god knows when, and carried out this terrible act. Again, not to defend this guy, as I don't defend those women murderers either, but you can't have it both ways.

Either way, I think it is clear the custody situation greatly contributed to this crime. It is probably a common ruling here, but I have to say it anyway. If the father was unfit to see his daughter more than once a month, he shouldn't have been seeing her at all, at least not without supervision. On the other hand if he was a fit parent, he should have had more visitation rights.

1 ( +4 / -3 )

How come when a woman kills 3 of her kids people here are so quick to defend her as sick and not getting the proper help from society, but when it is a guy he is just some scum trying to get revenge?

Are you sure it's the same people? There are a pretty wide range of posters on JT.

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To all those commentators calling the father malicious, selfish, pathetic, cowardly, scum, a loser, and undeserving of sympathy, I strongly suggest that until less than a year ago this man was just as worthy as you. Consider especially that the more worthy 'hands-on' father figure you are; the greater disquiet awaits you should you be denied access to your child(ren) when your wife leaves (which he was, and you will be). Everybody has their breaking point, and single-custody divorce robbed him, and will rob you of so much. No longer a husband. No longer a father. Enslaved as a breadwinner by the person you once loved. Humiliated to your own children. A crummy couple of hours a month of visitation that your ex can sabotage at whim, and even THAT can't be enforced. Powerless, destroyed, no longer whom he used to be, what was left of him snapped!

Frankly, it is arrogance to assume that you won't.

Thank you 'therougou'.

Vindictive Ex, Facilitated by the Courts, Recklessly Succeeds in Pushing Previously Loved and Reasonable Man to Breaking Point.

-4 ( +3 / -7 )

breaking point does not give you excuse to kill anyone. especially your own child.

3 ( +4 / -1 )

Even if he WAS worthy, this is how he ended it. Ultimately worthy people do not commit such crimes against everything, even themselves. There is always a choice of not doing so, even asking for help. Anyone committing suicide(even more so murder AND then suicide) is either insane or a coward. Be it a male, a female or whatever less sick people can come up with.

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Takeda had been granted one day a month to be with Yuri and Sunday was the first day she was allowed to visit him

Exactly the reason I refused to let my granddaughter spend last New Years with her father (and his buddies), in another prefecture. He was a violent b@stard towards her mom, still causes trouble for her, and yet tries to convince her to return. Do you think I'm gonna hand over my angel to him?

0 ( +1 / -1 )

I can totally understand his grief and anger, but cannot sympathise at all. I've seen my kids once in three years and they only live 5 kilometers away. The joint custody system (or lack there of) in Japan should bear a large part of the blame for this tragedy. A father divorces his wife, not his children, but there is nothing in the divorce settlement that provides a father access to his kids, nor is there any structuring of child support payments. I pay child support for kids I cannot see. It's truly criminal! However, killing your kids for revenge is something far worse than criminal.

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@ Disillusioned - damn bro, I'm sorry to hear that.

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