Father and son found dead in suspected murder-suicide in Mie


Police in Ise, Mie Prefecture, said Tuesday that a 44-year-old man and his 8-year-old son were found dead in their home in what appears to be a murder-suicide.

According to police, the bodies of Junji Hamaguchi and his eldest son Satsuma were discovered collapsed and covered in blood on the first floor of their residence at around 8 p.m. on Monday.

Hamaguchi lived with his wife, son and one-month-old daughter, Fuji TV reported. The wife and daughter were unharmed.

According to police reports, Hamaguchi's wife and the girl were in a room on the second floor when she heard her son scream. However, as the door to the first-floor room where she heard the scream come from was locked, she was initially unable to enter. Police said the woman went outside and asked a passerby to help her get in through a window, at which point she discovered the bodies.

Police said the bodies of Hamaguchi and his son had knife wounds.

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What an ***hole. I don't understand why these suicidal maniacs have the need to take people with them. Just kill yourself and leave others alone

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Why kill a kid? I will never understand that!! RIP young boy. Hopefully, one day the rest of the family will get over this tragedy!

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Perhaps the j-clops should form the first ever suicide-murder investigative squad?

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Quite unusual for a murder-suicide to be a stabbing. They are usually with briquettes or strangulation.

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I might be able to understand a little more if the child were a truant, father-bashing 17 year old with a paint thinner problem, but who stabs an eight year old to death? I suspect psychosis.

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I just can't get outraged about family murder/suicides anymore. I can only shake my head in disgust. Have a chat about the regular accurance if these with your Japanese colleagues or students today and get ready for the cold shoulder of "I don't give a truck!"

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So horribly sad for the boy.

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So horribly sad for the boy

How about the poor mother who found her husband and little boy stabbed to death ? And the baby girl who will never know her father...

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But that is japanese culture for you. Its individual, you either give or take the whole with you. Typical smoker mentality, as they never go smoking alone. You bring another smoker with you. Crabs in a bucket. Everyone has to be and do the same. Its a shame this kid wasn't giving a chance for life. true story, I remember this girl i met from the kansai area. We chatted in starbucks for a while. She showed me a pic of her best friend on her phone. Turns out her friend killed herself a year back and her 7 year old daughter. They put a hair drier in the bathtub and both went into it. I couldn't understand why, as a mother, she would not want to give her daughter a chance at life. That was very selfish i thought. They have major social ills. I am telling you. If the world adopts such social ills, we are doomed.

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My God. I have an 8 year old son. I cant begin to imagine what that poor mother is going through. Dont even want to.

All because his selfish twit of a father didnt want to die alone.

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What a sad & tragic thing to happen to a family before Christmas.

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Damn! I wish the father would have survived so we could read about him swinging by the neck in the future. He took the easy, coward's way out.

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@ Kevin Lee Brooke, Yeah dude, i know you're a Christian guy and all that, guess Jesus would have thought the same as you.

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don't move to make a living there in japan. those people are becoming more wackd out in the head. Beware of unhappiness there

RIP kid

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