Mother, son found stabbed on Kawasaki apartment stairwell


An elderly woman and her son were found stabbed in their apartment block in Kawasaki on Wednesday night, police said Thursday. Takayuki Yamamoto, 44, and his mother, Hama Yamamoto, 78, were found bleeding on the stairwell of their building in Saiwai Ward after an emergency call was made to police. The pair were taken to hospital where Takayuki was treated for serious injuries to his abdomen. Hama sustained minor injuries to her face.

Police have arrested Katsuo Madarame, 58, a neighbor of the Yamamotos, in connection with the stabbings. According to police, Madarame has confessed to stabbing the pair, with whom he was acquainted.

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Was this in Kawasaki City, or one of the neighbouring suburbs?

Moderator: It was in Saiwai Ward, Kawasaki City.

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What was the reason .....story incomplete and uninterested.

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I hope this idiot criminal gets the death penalty. So sad to hear about a mother and son being stabbed.

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elbudamexicano >I hope this idiot criminal gets the death penalty. So sad to hear about a mother and son being stabbed

Why should he receive the DEATH PENALTY ???? According to the story the two survived . . . It is rather silly news item ----- considering other more NEWS-WORTHY event happening in Japan.

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not sure about the death penalty... the judicial system here is so bad that one cannot even have a life-term penalty for "abandoning a dead body" even if that person already committed the crime.

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Actually it is newsworthy and relevant...just because violence doesn't end in death doesn't mean it is a "silly" story. Really??? In fact, because it didn't end in death, it is a very good story, just pathetic this idiot had to commit violence in the first place. As for not printing his reason, the news source prints news as they get it. There was likely no statement released yet as to what the suspect said...perhaps because they hadn't gotten that far with him at first. But if you read Japan Times long enough, you will know that they usually print updates as they come in.

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Semperfi, would it be funny if you have a nut case like this in your neigborhood?? If you had a wacko stabbing people in your area of town, wouldnt you want them behind bars ASAP?? And in my case, I would not only want them to go to jail, but to be hung real quick, stop wasting our time and taxes, right??

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